What you will learn

How can I apply for the Data Science Fellowship?

Industry Apprenticeship

Earn back part of your tuition within 2 months of completing the Fellowship!

The Data Science Fellowship Industry Apprenticeship is a paid 8- to 10-week project-based opportunity for Bootcamp students to get involved in the growing local innovation ecosystem. After completing the Bootcamp, selected students will be engaged part time under the mentorship of a project manager in continuing the projects they created from the Bootcamp.The projects will serve the needs of cutting-edge startup clients. The students' financial compensation will effectively be 40% of the Fellowship tuition.

Capstone Projects at Demo Day

Demo Day is the rite of passage for Eskwelabs data science Fellows before graduation. And as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, the use of trackers, dashboards, and contact tracing highlighted data’s central role in fighting the pandemic. What are the other areas in our everyday lives where more decisions can be made based on data science techniques? The Eskwelabs Data Science Demo Day during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic showcases opportunities for data to help improve our lives.

How did data science help our graduates earn more?

In this video, Francine from the Eskwelabs team share details about the Data Science Fellowship tuition options and share post program salary changes of our graduates.

Who is it for?

The Fellowship is an elite program but we accept anyone serious about learning data science. While completing a university degree is not a requirement, we encourage candidates to be ready to apply their data science skills in the workplace after the Fellowship. Successful Fellows are comfortable with quantitative thinking, have high curiosity and grit, while coding and math backgrounds are not necessary.