Fast Track Your Career in 12 Weeks with a Job Guarantee in a Data Science Role.

Graduates earn 50% more within 90 days of graduation with our intensive part-time program. Through live classes and industry mentorship, you will learn with projects and collaborate with peers. Study-now-and-pay-later options available.

Estimated time3 months
240 hrsPart Time
Cohort starts onMay 10, 2021

Entrance assessment
Basic Python

See prerequisites in detail

May 10, 2021
Data Science Fellowship Cohort VII
Topics covered:
Build machine learning, big data projects using the latest technologies

What you will learn

Creating Your First Machine Learning Project

Begin your data science journey by deploying your very first data app! In this group sprint, you will learn how to obtain insights and create data stories by clustering geographical data.

Building Your Own Spotify Recommender Engine

Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, and many other online services, use our data to suggest other products we might like. In this sprint, we will build a Spotify recommender system using features of songs to recommend new music.

How can I prepare for the Data Science Fellowship?

Sean F.

Cohort 1 Graduate

As an alum from the first cohort of the Eskwelabs Data Science Fellowship, Sean was recruited by UnionBank’s data science team at graduation, where he was a top performer within UnionBank’s internal training and awarded “Class Valedictorian”. 90% of Eskwelabs Fellows have been able to land a data job within 90 days of graduation and see a 50% increase in pay.

Fellowship Stories

The Data Science Fellowship build not only data scientists but budding leaders who will contribute to the development of the data field. Many graduates continue to work on data for good projects after graduation with other alums. Come meet Sean and Jeriesa, two Fellowship Graduates.

Capstone Projects at Demo Day

Demo Day is the rite of passage for Eskwelabs data science Fellows before graduation. And as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, the use of trackers, dashboards, and contact tracing highlighted data’s central role in fighting the pandemic. What are the other areas in our everyday lives where more decisions can be made based on data science techniques? The Eskwelabs Data Science Demo Day during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic showcases opportunities for data to help improve our lives.

How did data science help our graduates earn more?

In this video, Francine from the Eskwelabs team share details about the Data Science Fellowship tuition options and share post program salary changes of our graduates.

Who is it for?

The Fellowship is an elite program but we accept anyone serious about learning data science. While completing a university degree is not a requirement, we encourage candidates to be ready to apply their data science skills in the workplace after the Fellowship. Successful Fellows are comfortable with quantitative thinking, have high curiosity and grit, while coding and math backgrounds are not necessary.


The future of work is data. Eskwelabs creates opportunities for people and teams to thrive in the future of work through data skills education.

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