Caffeine-Powered Career Boost: A Bigger Paycheck is Just a Coffee Cup Away
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Caffeine-Powered Career Boost: A Bigger Paycheck is Just a Coffee Cup Away

Learn how the reasonably-priced data science and data analytics courses of Eskwelabs can increase one’s chances of earning a higher salary

Is staying stuck at home driving you crazy? If you’re living in areas that are tightly guarded due to the stronger COVID-19 variant, we can feel your pain—and we hope you are doing alright, wherever you are.

We also completely understand if, given the troubling times we’re in, you’re ordering more coffee than you should. After all, who can resist paying around PHP 200 to have an excellently-crafted glass of latte or macchiato delivered? This is a small price to pay for those who desperately need an energy boost for domestic duties or home-based jobs.

But what if we tell you that for around the same price of your favorite caffeine fix, you can start an exciting journey towards a career where one’s salary can be potentially high? 

Here is where Eskwelabs, an internationally-acclaimed online data upskilling school, can help you out.

A pioneer in providing a project-based and job-focused data education in the Philippines, Eskwelabs offers you the chance to study and prepare for one of the hottest fields in the job arena today. In fact, according to recent data from Indeed, the average salary of a data scientist in the Philippines is around PHP 50,000 per month. 

Can you imagine how many glasses or cups of delicious coffee you can buy with that kind of money? 

Meanwhile, on the other side of the pond, Forbes mentions that the demand for data scientists in the United States will grow by about 28% until 2026. In short, whether you prefer pesos or decide to aim for the dollar, data science is a solid career bet.

Data science, however, is not the only potential gold mine in the increasingly data-driven economic landscape. Sharing the spotlight is another computer-related field called data analytics. Unlike data scientists, whose tasks mainly use algorithms and statistical tools, data analysts focus on using data to answer questions and extract insights. Many leading companies and organizations use these data-driven insights for better decisions and operations. Therefore, it is no surprise that, even in the Philippine labor market, the field of data analytics is also gaining ground. According to a 2020 study by government research agency PIDS, the demand for data analysts in the Philippines during 2019 is not matched by the country’s supply of graduates. This means if you invest in high-quality data analytics training, like the one we offer, you can increase your hireability. 

Now that you are aware of which jobs to aim for, it’s time to let you know that you won’t be alone if you choose to explore the brave new world of data science and analytics.

Data Science Education: High Return on Investment

Isn’t it a great opportunity to prepare for one of the world’s most trending jobs? But some of you may be thinking, is the cost of data science education affordable? 

Our answer to that is, though education involves spending some money, what matters more is the return on investment.

Eskwelabs is serious about creating high return on investment for our learners. We understand that not everyone will be able to fork out a large sum of money up-front to invest in ourselves. We co-designed a “Study Now, Pay Later” scheme with our financing partners Bukas, and InvestEd to help you overcome that barrier. 

To give you an idea how accessible our education programs are, choosing Bukas as your financing partner will allow you to pay only PHP 495 per month during your 3-month Data Science Fellowship. That monthly payment is equal to around 2 cups of coffee. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right?

However, take note that the amount you'll pay Bukas from the 4th to the 12th month will be around PHP 6,000 per month. You'll also need to save up around PHP 10,000 as down payment to Eskwelabs to avail of the Bukas financing option. 

At first glance, the figures can be intimidating. But as we mentioned before, a data scientist earns around PHP 50,000 monthly. On top of that, we will also help you get first interviews with our partner companies upon graduation. This unique feature, called the Job Interview Guarantee, is a good thing to consider when weighing your options. After all, this Job Interview Guarantee increases the chances that you’ll be able to repay Bukas sooner while saving some money for future investments or cravings like coffee, etc.

For those aspiring to become data analysts, this next section in the blog post was made just for you!

Data Analytics Training: Zero Downpayment

If you really love your latte and prefer to keep your caffeine fix, enrolling in the Data Analytics Bootcamp (DAB) may be more your speed. After all, you can still enjoy a flexible payment option with Bukas for this program.

Still following the coffee analogy, choosing Bukas to fund this training lets you pay only PHP 140 per month. That's less than what you pay for a tall order of coffee!

Even though the succeeding months will require you to pay around Php 3,000 monthly, specifically for the 4th to 12th month of the plan, it's still a pretty sweet deal considering that this payment option requires ZERO down payment from you. 

Aside from this, Indeed indicates that the average salary of a data analyst in the Philippines is around PHP 27,000. Given that the Data Analytics Bootcamp only lasts for about two months and also features the Job Interview Guarantee, earning enough money for tuition payments while sipping a cup of coffee is suddenly a more realistic possibility.

Another option for the coffee lovers out there who are determined to enroll in the Data Analytics Bootcamp is via InvestEd. If you choose to finance your Bootcamp tuition with InvestEd, you won’t have to pay anything for at least four months after your student loan application (the grace period can be longer than four months, as you can see in the succeeding table). Given the Data Analytics Bootcamp’s timeframe, you can see that by the time you graduate, you still have at least around two months to look for a job (with the help of Eskwelabs!) and not worry about tuition payments!

For your reference, here is the schedule of repayment for our Data Analytics Bootcamp via the InvestEd financing option:

In short, whether you choose Bukas or InvestEd to help you finance your Eskwelabs tuition payment, you’ll have more room to move with regards to your finances and budget.

Improving Hireability for Non-College Graduates 

Now if you’re not yet convinced that an Eskwelabs education is worth your cup of coffee, just consider the cost of college education in the Philippines. According to a Philippine Daily Inquirer article, the average cost of university or college education is around PHP 150,000 per year. 

We understand that not everyone has that amount of money to make themselves employable through a college or university education. But not all is lost for those who have to temporarily pause their tertiary studies. 

If you cannot afford college or university education at the moment, don’t get discouraged. Eskwelabs offers you the chance to acquire top-notch, job-focused, and industry-relevant data science and analytics skills so you can get hired sooner. Our unique curriculum and financing packages ensure that you will get the chance to earn money for a shorter period of study time. This enables you to provide for yourself, your family or even your further education later on. The best part is that Eskwelabs admission does not require you to have completed college. If you are not a university graduate, you can still apply to Eskwelabs. 

Final Nuggets “To-Go”

Now you may be reading this article while drinking your freshly-delivered cup of joy. But before you put down your device and devote your full attention to that aromatic beverage, you may want to digest these vital takeaways.

Aside from the employment assistance given to all data science and data analytics alumni (via our Job Interview Guarantee feature), Eskwelabs also offers unique educational experiences in the form of group mentorship from industry professionals and project-based learning. The mentors—who are experts in their respective industries—ensure that those under their care learn job-relevant knowledge and competencies. These mentors supplement the lectures of our instructors. On the other hand, projects which we call “data sprints'' help our students build up skills that go beyond theories and actually make our graduates more employable.

But the best part about Eskwelabs is its diverse and welcoming learning community.

Once you take the plunge and enroll here, don’t feel surprised if you find a mix of highly-diverse personalities. Some of our learners are fresh graduates who are just starting out in the world of work. We have also had undergraduates who have not completed college. Others are shifting to different careers. Still, there are those who are sponsored by their companies so they can adapt to a fast-changing economy. You may also be surprised that age doesn’t matter at Eskwelabs. Some people nearing their senior years have dared to dream big here and explored fields that were once thought to be the domain of the young and the techies.

Investing in world-class data education can be challenging. However, once you find the right partners and seek creative financing options, learning about the fascinating field of data science and analytics can actually just be a coffee cup or two away. 

With the help of Eskwelabs, and through our Study Now, Pay Later partners Bukas and InvestEd, you can transform your coffee fascination into something that has a longer and more delicious aftertaste—the taste of career growth through meaningful upskilling. 


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