Data Analytics Bootcamp

The Data Analytics Bootcamp is focused on teaching data analytics, storytelling, and visualization, as well as tools like Power BI, SQL (Google BigQuery), and Google Data Studio to help current and future professionals answer business questions with data.

We invite fresh grads, career shifters, job promotion seekers, upskillers, freelancers who want to level up, and aspiring data analysts to enroll in this intensive program.


Data Cleaning
Data Management
Data Visualization
Data Storytelling
Power BI
Business Insights


  1. High-speed and stable internet connection
  2. Computer or laptop with webcam (Recommended specs: 1.6 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM, and 50 GB hard drive)
  3. Earphones with microphone
  4. Apps: Power BI, SQL (Google BigQuery), Google Data Studio, Zoom, and Discord


  • Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays (6:00 - 9:00 PM | GMT+8)
  • Every other Saturday (1:00 - 4:00 PM | GMT+8)
Cohort-based Course
9 weeks
9-12 hrs/week
100% Live Online
1:5 Mentor to Student Ratio
Start Date
August 12, 2024 (Cohort 15) Updated schedule

The Future You Want

Imagine yourself as a professional who can easily adapt to any major change the world throws at you—Pandemic? Economic crisis? Remote work? Widespread automation and the rise of artificial intelligence?

Work from anywhere in the world. Stand out wherever you want to. Remain marketable whatever decade it may be.

8.87 / 10

Average CSAT

Our students are happy with their experience


Company partners

Job opportunities are within reach for our graduates


Number of graduates so far

Our curriculum is challenging but doable and rewarding

Create data projects you can readily show off

Data sprints or learning sprints are the building blocks of our bootcamps where you create your data projects.

One sprint = 2 weeks.  But the number of managers, teammates, or clients you’ll impress after being trained through a sprint? INFINITE.

Who Our Learners Are

Life post-bootcamp

We cheer for the success of our learners!

What graduates say

Where our graduates work

Who Our Mentors Are

These are outstanding data professionals with the heart to pay it forward.

Sunny Sandy Amida Jr.

Mentor at Eskwelabs, Fraud Data analyst at Foodpanda PH

“Being a mentor means that you have to be the following; responsible, flexible, active listener, and most importantly: FUN! You extend help not just for class-related issues, but also with their current life situations. Mentoring with the students brought out the best in me to which I haven't even thought I had. I can see myself being part of the Eskwelabs family forever. I am very thankful for the experience, and I hope everyone can experience the magic with us.”

Edyll Joshua Binaday

Mentor at Eskwelabs, Data analyst at AyalaLand Malls Inc.

“Mentoring in Eskwelabs has been a fulfilling experience for me. I get to expand my network and view things from a different perspective as the students come from different industries and generations.  It also improved my communication and leadership skills as I guide them to achieve and meet the requirements of each sprint without spoiling the pace of their learning. Above all, this is my way of paying it forward to my previous mentors who positively impacted my life and career.”

Where our mentors work


Sign up for a 1-on-1 consultation call with our Admissions Team, to discuss any concerns about the application process, financing options, scholarships, job interview guarantees, and the program itself.

1. Online application

Click "APPLY NOW" on this page to kick-off the application process. You will be led to the Aral-Aral for Data Analytics Learning Management System (LMS). Aral-Aral for Data Analytics is the free prep course that comes with your application to the Data Analytics Bootcamp.

2. Assessment

Complete the assessment exam. This exam helps us understand your current skill levels and is meant to set a baseline for your starting point. You can find this assessment exam, called "Pathfinder," inside the Aral-Aral for Data Analytics LMS. Inside Aral-Aral for Data Analytics, click "Curriculum" on the left side bar and at the top of the page you will see "Take Pathfinder assessment exam."

3. Fit interview

Complete a fit interview with a member from our team. This is a short interview for us to get to know you better and your motivations to join the program.

4. Tuition payment

Complete your tuition payment (given your chosen payment method) and complete the signing of your contract. Our team will review your entire application and inform you of your status in 1-2 weeks.

Special case: Company discounts

There are only 4 steps in our Application Process (Online application, Assessment, Fit Interview, and Tutition Payment), but we do have a discount for those who will be company sponsored. Kindly contact us via or by booking a call here.