Come Together: kumu provides Eskwelabs Data Analytics Bootcamp Cohort 2 Analysts with datasets for one of their data sprints
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Come Together: kumu provides Eskwelabs Data Analytics Bootcamp Cohort 2 Analysts with datasets for one of their data sprints

When you hear the word “sprint” in the tech world, terms like “scrum” or “agile” come into the conversation as well. This is the way tech teams around the world work, and this is how we have also structured the learning experience of our data science and data analytics learners. 

In Eskwelabs, we use the term “data sprints.” Just like in the tech world, our data sprints are boxed into a specific time period—2 weeks to be exact! Our learners leave each data sprint with a new data project that they can add to their portfolio. This is what we mean by project-based learning.

Now, we are so excited to talk about our partnership with kumu for one of the data sprints of Cohort 2 in our Data Analytics Bootcamp! This bootcamp is our flagship data analytics program which runs for 8 weeks (now 9 weeks). We equip our Analysts with data analytics, data wrangling, data visualization, and data storytelling skills using tools like PowerBI, Google Cloud Platform, and SQL.  

Out of the 4 data sprints in this 8-week (now 9-week) program, kumu will be providing the datasets for the very last data sprint.  

kumu is known now as “the world’s first social TV, and livestream community.” By the way, we highly recommend that you download their kumu app!

To maintain that level of excellence and engagement, kumu has become a data analytics powerhouse! Reaching out to them for this data sprint partnership felt quite effortless, especially since our startups both express reverence for the power of data and its potential for good. In kumu’s case, it’s for their kumu-nity!

When asked about the timing of this partnership, Jay Caluag, Director of Business Intelligence at kumu, says, “It's perfect timing given that we actually had a similar initiative with Ateneo de Manila that enables a class to use our data as a way to learn. Our team's long term goal is to be the gold standard for analytics and business intelligence in the Philippines—and eventually the SEA region.”

What can our Data Analytics Bootcamp Cohort 2 Analysts expect during the Eskwelabs x kumu sprint? 

kumu will be providing masked data around streaming and gifting behaviors. Lex Tanganco, Data Analytics Program Lead of Eskwelabs and data sprint instructor, will be leading the learners for this specific data sprint.

What will the learners be able to do based on the datasets shared?

The learners will...

  1. Determine what kind of questions or analyses they can answer. The questions the learners will be focusing on answering should be relevant to kumu. 
  2. Create frameworks to better understand the context of kumu (e.g. tools like issue tree, business context diagram, etc.)
  3. Share all of these with kumu to see if the learners understand how kumu’s business works. The output will be in the form of a presentation and dashboard. 

“I’m hoping there will be outputs that will help us dig deep into any uncharted learnings we've yet to discover ourselves,” shares Jay.

At the moment, the kumu team has welcomed one of our Data Science Fellowship graduates from Cohort 2, Jefren Paulo Abalos, who is also known in our Eskwelabs community as “Abs.” Tim Santos, Cohort 6 alumni Fellow, will be joining their Business Intelligence team really soon. We also know that Jeth Darole, Cohort 1 alumni Analyst and scholar from our Data Analytics Bootcamp, is set to join the kumu team as well!

“This is a unique time as new startups are building post-COVID. kumu is a trailblazer in the local startup ecosystem, and we are excited for our learners to contribute to that!,” says Angela Chen, Eskwelabs CEO and Co-Founder.

Cohort 2 of our Data Analytics Bootcamp had their first classes last April 26. The next batch, Cohort 3, is already accepting applications. Cohort 3’s classes will begin on July 19, 2021. 


  • If this is your first time reading about the Data Analytics Bootcamp, we recommend checking out the program in more detail via the program primer here. The “primer” is our program brochure!
  • Ready to apply? Get started by signing up here. Cohort 3 of the Data Analytics Bootcamp starts on July 19, 2021; the admissions process is currently ongoing.


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