Data Literacy Skillscourse

Data Literacy Skillscourse is a free program that focuses on basic data skills. The goal of this course is to develop your growth mindset, deepen your critical thinking skills, make you confident in navigating spreadsheets and creating charts. This is perfect for those who have absolutely 0 background in data.

You will learn how to use Google Sheets in this course as a basic data analytics tool.

Currently, this course is exclusive to our partner FHMoms.


Asking the right questions
Creating charts (Bar, line, pie)
Navigating a spreadsheet
Measures of central tendency (Mean, median, mode)
Growth Mindset


  1. Average-speed and stable internet connection
  2. Computer or laptop with webcam (Mobile phone is fine as long as you can access the apps)
  3. Earphones with microphone
  4. Apps: Google Slides, Google Sheets, Zoom, and Facebook


Live online sessions:

  • Week 1: Mondays and Fridays (7:00 - 8:00 PM | GMT+8)
  • Week 2: Mondays and Fridays (7:00 - 8:00 PM | GMT+8)
  • Week 3: Mondays and Fridays (7:00 - 8:00 PM | GMT+8)
  • Week 4: Mondays and Fridays (7:00 - 8:00 PM | GMT+8)

Asynchronous activities: Done at your own time and pace

Small learning group meetings: Done at your group's agreed upon time and duration

Cohort-based Course
4 weeks
4-5 hrs / week
Mixed (Live online + asynchronous)
3 course guides
Start Date
Cohort schedules can be seen when you join the waitlist

The Future You Want

Level up your existing freelancer, entrepreneur, and hobbyist skillset with data literacy skills! Going through this program puts you on the path for constant lifelong learning. But if you decide to pursue the Eskwelabs Mentorship track, you can use this as your starting point.

We pay our mentors Php 500/hr.  Work from home to support your dreams, stabilize your family's future, and empower the community you're part of.

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₱500 / hr

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9.9 / 10

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Create data projects you can readily show off

Data sprints or learning sprints are the building blocks of our bootcamps where you create your data projects.

In Data Literacy Skillscourse, we make the projects personal to you and also professional so you can share them with your future employers, clients, and mentees.

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Currently, this course is exclusive to our partner FHMoms. In the meantime, you can join the waitlist!

1. Online application

If you're an FHMoms community member, enroll here for free and it'll kickstart your application.

2. Welcome email

Wait for the official "Welcome email" from our team. This will inform you that you're officially enrolled. Everything you need to know about the program like schedules, topics, tools, and the course format will be answered there.

3. Orientation

Attend the orientation event. The date of this event will be included in the "Welcome email."