FAQs on the BPI Cohort of the Data Science Fellowship
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Data Science Fellowship

FAQs on the BPI Cohort of the Data Science Fellowship

This blog post can help you learn specific details about the first-ever BPI-sponsored Data Science Fellowship cohort. This is a fully-sponsored, project-based, and intensive learning program designed to prepare individuals to succeed in financial data science with the Bank of the Philippine Islands. We share your excitement about this program by answering your Frequently Asked Questions! 

Frequently Asked Questions

When will we know the results of our application?

You will hear back from our team at least 1-2 weeks after you’ve submitted your application. Announcement of final accepted students will be on July 7, 2023

How many students will be accepted into the program?

40 students will be accepted in the program

Why does the regular Data Science Fellowship require 12 weeks, whereas BPI Data Science Fellowship requires only 9 weeks?
The regular Data Science Cohort has a 3-week period for fellows to work on capstone  projects. The BPI Data Science Fellowship does not include a final capstone project.

Will the sprints be conducted synchronously, in a classroom setting? 

The BPI Data Science Fellowship is not just a series of lectures, as you would expect in a regular classroom set-up. The Fellowship is an online synchronous cohort experience composed of 4 Learning Sprints. These are short collaborative courses that are guided by instructors and mentors who are professionals in the field.

Will we be grouped according to interests?

It would depend on the composition of the cohort, but we ensure a good mix of skills and strengths for each group.

Are the sprint projects similar for all cohorts? Are the projects focused on the finance sector as well, even if it's not under BPI?

The BPI Data Science Fellowship will be focusing on finance data and use cases. But in the regular Data Science Fellowship we try to focus on different fields such as the social sector, music, as well as finance. There we encourage the fellows to pursue their own expertise through capstone projects.

Are we allowed to use GPT AI, like ChatGPT and Google BARD during the program?

Yes, learners are allowed to use them.

What are the on-site activities and how often will they happen? Are learners from Luzon required to attend these?

We are planning to have at least 1 onsite activity a month. For those outside Luzon, we will be coordinating with BPI HR to address this concern on a case to case basis.

Will opportunities like this happen again in the future?

Eskwelabs is always looking for opportunities to provide quality and affordable data education. We hope to offer similar projects in the future.

When is the deadline for applications?

The last day to submit your application is on June 14, 2023.

Is the BPI Data Science Fellowship open to undergraduate students? Do you have an age limit for potential students?

There is no age limit for learners.

Will you accept paying students in this cohort, or is this solely for BPI scholars only?

The BPI Cohort is for those who wish to learn and train with BPI only. Paying students can apply to Cohort 12 of our Data Science Fellowship instead! Sign-up here: https://eskwe.link/DSFellowship

Do you require a certain undergraduate degree to get in the program? Do applicants need prior knowledge of data science for this course? If so, what skills or knowledge should I have to qualify?

All undergraduate courses are welcome for as long as you have the following skills:

  • Proficiency in College Statistics
  • Strong commitment to the program
  • Ability to effectively collaborate and work with a team
  • Proficiency in Basic Python Programming
  • Familiarity with SQL
  • Strong grasp of College Algebra
  • Solid understanding of data science applications

What is the criteria for being selected in the BPI Data Science Fellowship Cohort? Is it dependent on our CV for hiring?

Learners will be evaluated based on their Pathfinder Assessment scores, Fit Interviews, and CV.

Is there a chance of being accepted even if I cannot leave my job immediately for this program, provided I pass all the requirements?
We are prioritizing applicants who are free to join BPI by the time the fellowship begins.

In what ways will Eskwelabs support our career development? Will we be ready for entry-level data scientist jobs after this bootcamp?

This cohort aims to equip learners with the necessary skills and knowledge for an officership data scientist role in BPI, offering an excellent opportunity to kickstart a successful career in financial data science.

What are the common BPI roles that are offered to individuals after completing this fellowship? Will they accept part-time applicants for a Data Science role?

Excellent learners who complete the bootcamp will be considered for full-time roles which involve working on strategic data science, data engineering, and/or analytics-related projects.

If I applied for the regular Eskwelabs Bootcamps, can I also apply for BPI and vice versa?

Yes, please email admissions@eskwelabs.com for more information.

Deadline for applications is on June 14, 2023

Announcement of accepted applicants will be on July 7, 2023

Do you have any other questions which are not covered by this blog post?

Send us an email at admissions@eskwelabs.com