The Eskwelabs Team Shares Its New Year’s Resolutions
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The Eskwelabs Team Shares Its New Year’s Resolutions

In this blog post, select members of our team share their personal resolutions for 2022, how they came up with those resolutions, and things they want to learn this year

The start of the New Year can be exciting and overwhelming. There is so much pressure to make a flashy New Year’s Resolution and to achieve results right away. It’s no wonder that less than 4% of us are able to complete our resolutions, according to one study. A great way to get and stay inspired in 2022 is to speak with those around us and find out about their new year goals. In this blog, we speak to Eskwelabs team members and hear their aspirations for 2022 as well as their tips on staying the course.

Practical Tips from Dan, Eskwelabs UX Lead

In case you haven’t met Dan Estropia, he is our UX Lead. At work, he explores ways to make our website and other online platforms both pleasant to the eyes and easy to use.

Outside Eskwelabs, however, he loves to explore places on his bicycle.

For the New Year, he is keen on keeping his fitness resolution to double his active cycling days. One of the concrete steps he intends to take to make his resolution a reality is to use his bike for transportation and not merely for recreation. For instance, he will attach a basket for groceries to his bicycle in order to make his two-wheeled vehicle more utilitarian.

Dan (at the right) with other Eskwelabs team members on a biking trip

On the topic of learning goals, Dan intends to study urban design and connect it to behavioral design and user experience (UX). Ever the visionary, he dreams of cities that have bike-friendly facilities and transportation since Dan believes cities like that are sustainable and economically productive.Dan, however, balances his visionary trait with practicality in his philosophy of writing resolutions. He says “make sure the goals you set are really fitting to who you are and what you want to achieve.” Dan also advocates both planning and operationalizing to avoid the mistake of setting New Year’s resolutions that demand too much of a change without coming up with realistic steps to fulfil them.

Wise Words from Emily, Eskwelabs Partnerships Associate

The year 2021 has been unkind to so many people. And it’s not just due to the pandemic.

Emily Jane Merin, our Partnerships Associate, was devastated by Typhoon Rai as the natural disaster hit her hometown of Buenavista in the Philippine province of Bohol.

But instead of drowning in self-pity, Emily immersed herself in deep reflection. And from darkness came light, the light of enlightenment.In fact, her enlightenment was so powerful that she actually helped distribute relief goods in her hometown even if her house was badly-battered by the storm. Aside from this, her disaster-inspired insight also made her realize a unique way of setting resolutions.

For Emily, setting resolutions is all about building up who she currently is by adding small and easy modifications to her current productive habits. For instance, one of her spiritual New Year’s resolutions is to do her daily devotional at exactly 6:50 AM instead of just waking up and doing it at some random early morning hour. For her self-care New Year’s resolutions, Emily wants to add a healthy snack at the end of her thrice- weekly workout.

Storms may break many homes, but they cannot kill a strong spirit. This kind of spirit is what Emily aims to develop by reading books and taking courses that intimidate her, aside from those that interest her. After all, for Emily, broadening one’s horizons and toughening one’s character are sometimes possible only through “fearing it but doing it anyway,” as she bravely puts it.

Caring Advice from Robyn, Eskwelabs Learning Community Manager

Our Learning Community Manager, Robyn Jereza, just can’t get enough of learning. And that’s a good thing, for those working in education should be lifelong learners.

Her thirst for knowledge is evident in the variety of things she wants to learn this year. Among the many concepts she wants to learn more about include adult learning, online learning, interpersonal communication, family psychology, inclusivity, and sustainability. For some light learning, Robyn wants to explore Philippine folk stories, cooking and nutrition, and different kinds of exercises.

For her New Year’s resolution, Robyn intends to balance her highly-active mind with a dash of calm. In particular, she wants to be kinder to herself and to others by “being okay with not-so-nice things happening.” She also resolves to focus on the little things she can control and celebrate the little joys and wins she experiences daily.

Robyn’s aim for kindness to herself extends to her philosophy of designing New Year’s resolutions. She states that people who make resolutions must focus on the things that make them happy or proud of themselves, regardless of the pace with which they fulfill their resolutions. For her, if people use happiness and self-care as the bases for their resolutions, then they will be more likely to make others happy as well.

Her dog and her laptop, pictured below, seem to embody Robyn’s philosophy of taking it easy while having passion for learning.

Which 2021 Goal Resonates With You?

Are you dreaming of designing the future like Dan? Do you want to grow by learning difficult things like Emily? Or are you fascinated by many fields like Robyn?

If your New Year’s resolutions resonate with any or all of our three team members, we at Eskwelabs can help you.

One of our data upskilling tracks, our 12-week Data Science Fellowship (DSF), covers machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence. This field, which enables computers to think and process information like humans, is certainly something to watch out for in the world of both urban design and design in general.

Our Data Science Fellowship and our 8-week Data Analytics Bootcamp may sound intimidating to some. But if you desire to grow in your career, these data bootcamps are a good way for you to develop both hireability and character strength, like Emily. After all, given the increasing demand for data professionals due the digitalization of the economy, choosing our bootcamps might be a good life-changing pathway for you in 2022.

If your heart’s desire is to learn about many fields like Robyn, data science and analytics is used in vital endeavors ranging from healthcare to e-commerce. Hence, once you learn about data through Eskwelabs, you may certainly land a job in a wide variety of fields and learn about them.

If financial challenges hinder you from pursuing data education, there is still hope. We open our doors to scholarship applicants and employees who are funded by their respective companies, government agencies, or nonprofit organizations.

The New Year is a chance for new beginnings. With the help of resolution tips from our team and the quality data education we provide, you now have many possible pathways to make your 2022 an awesome and productive year.


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