Our Favorite Eskwelabs Memories (Alumni Edition)
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Our Favorite Eskwelabs Memories (Alumni Edition)

Our alumni do the ultimate throwback and share their favorite Eskwelabs memories.

We felt an outpouring of love last May 13, 2020 when we held an online birthday party to celebrate Eskwelabs’ first year.

Each of the programs were represented. We had graduates from our Data Science Fellowship, BI SkillsCamp, and Analytics SkillsCourse come together online in Zoom. Members from Aral-Aral, our free learning community for Python, were invited as well.

In an earlier blog post, the team shared about their favorite memories so far. But in true Eskwelabs fashion, we had our graduates reflect and think about their unforgettable moments, too.

Here are some of the highlights from our group sharing:

Dana (Data Science Bootcamp - Cohort 1)

“The exhaustion of going through the commute to come to Makati in person, but then seeing the determination in the other Fellows' eyes despite how tired we all were. We really helped each other through it as a fellowship.”

Sarah (Data Science Bootcamp - Cohort 4)

“As the covid cohort, it's a challenge to make do with a purely virtual experience but we really support each other as a fellowship. The 6-9 PM slot really defines my covid routine and it's something that I look forward to during the day.”

Daisy (Analytics SkillsCourse - Cohort 1)

“The regular emails from Francine really helped give order and reassurance for me during ASC, and the classes have helped me to position myself as a strong candidate for data analytics.”

Kayecee (Data Science Bootcamp - Cohort 3)

“Cable Car hangout after our 1st hackathon. Some sharing: Because of Eskwelabs, I am more interested to learn.”

Eira (Data Science Bootcamp - Cohort 1)

“The hangout after every hackathon. We ate at different places since at that time, hackathons were held in different locations. Also, Asya's speech during Cohort 2 when she said ‘Now you know what you don't know,’ that really resonated with me.”

Kevin (Data Science Bootcamp - Cohort 1)

“The capstone project presentation is my favourite day in my bootcamp experience, because it’s a time for celebration even though we felt really nervous given that there were a lot of guests listening. I was so happy that all my hard work paid off. After completing the presentation, we had a fun time celebrating and I will always remember that.”

Justine (Data Science Bootcamp - Cohort 1)

“The after-class hangouts—because as you grow older, it’s harder to make friends. After the bootcamp, I made 24 new friends!”

Eph (Data Science Bootcamp - Cohort 4)

“We don’t have a physical presence so we have virtual games. My memorable story is when David, my co-Fellow sent his recent pic when the game is all about guessing everyone’s baby pic.”

Carlo (BI SkillsCamp - Cohort 1, Data Science Bootcamp - Cohort 4)

“My memorable story is the first Hackathon. We were cramming because our slides were still empty, and we didn’t have enough time to complete it. But after that, we improved our presentations in the next Hackathons.”

Jen (Analytics SkillsCourse - Cohort 1)

“Since we were in quarantine, surprisingly, they threw me a surprise birthday party online. I didn’t expect it.”

Rich (Data Science Bootcamp - Cohort 1)

“My favorite memory was whenever class would end at Warehouse 8 and we’d always have dinner as a Cohort.”

Julia (Data Science Bootcamp - Cohort 3)

“During the Hackathon—when our team felt that we were the winners but it was not announced during the class.”