Mary’s Diary part 2: My 12-week Education Innovation Fellowship Experience
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Mary’s Diary part 2: My 12-week Education Innovation Fellowship Experience

Hello everyone! My name is Mary, and I'm thrilled to be one of the eight Education Innovation Cohort 1 Fellows at Eskwelabs. Being part of this pioneer batch of the fellowship is such a unique way to upskill, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a unique and exciting program. I’d like to share everything I’ve learned in this fellowship, so I wrote this two-part diary series of what transpired in 12 weeks. Let’s get on with part 2!

The Education Innovation Fellowship (EIF) is designed to support educators and professionals who are interested in developing innovative solutions to improve the future of work and learning in a remote setting. Through this program, fellows have access to valuable resources, mentorship, and a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about sharing their expertise. During the fellowship, we worked on developing ourselves into key-shaped personas and improving our skills that are essential for success in a remote work environment—such as leadership, project management, data analytics, technology, social media, startups, design, and communication.

Week 7 EIF Cohort 1 - Design & Communication I

During this session, we had the pleasure of meeting the Brand Designers of Eskwelabs. They shared their experiences and insights on how to effectively manage and develop a brand. Their discussion provided valuable insights into the strategies, tools, and techniques used to create a strong brand identity. In addition to the discussion on brand design, we also received an overview on guides in video making

Week 8 EIF Cohort 1 - Analytics & Tech II

During this session, we were introduced to the world of data exploration and Letterboxd. The discussion provided valuable insights into how data can be used to gain insights and drive decision-making processes.

This session was highly informative and engaging, providing us with a better understanding of the power of data analysis and exploration.The team's expertise and insights on Letterboxd allowed us to see how data can be used in creative and innovative ways to gain insights into various areas of interest.

Week 9 EIF Cohort 1 - Project Management II

This week, we had a session about project management styles and the essential components of effective project management. The presentation by the Project Manager provided valuable insights into the principles and best practices that underlie successful project management.

Week 10 EIF Cohort 1 - Design & Communication II

The Chief of Staff of Eskwelabs led a session on "Information for Mass Conversion, Tools for Mass Creation, and Mass Production." Her presentation provided valuable insights into the tools and strategies that organizations can use to create, produce, and disseminate information on a large scale.

This session was highly informative and practical, providing us with valuable insights into the strategies and tools that organizations can use to create and distribute content effectively. The team’s expertise and experience in this area provided us with a deeper understanding of the essential elements required to produce high-quality content at scale.

Week 11 EIF Cohort 1 - Project Catch-Up Day

For this week, we got the chance to do our social media diary, answer some feedback forms, and complete our EIF projects—a blogpost, a video, and a Cheatsheet for Learning Day.

Week 12 EIF Cohort 1- Graduation week

Week 12 was all about wrapping up the fellowship—we did a retro and exchanged feedback, submitted our projects and had our graduation!

Snippets of my EIF Experience

My 12-week journey with Eskwelabs has been an incredible experience. From the very first week, I felt excited and motivated to learn about education innovation through live sessions, DLS operations, team assignments, and weekly check-ins with my cohort. I particularly enjoyed the sessions on project management, analytics and tech, social impact and startups, and design and communication, as they provided me with valuable insights and skills that I can use in my future endeavors. The catch-up day in week 11 allowed me to review my projects and ensure that I was on track, and the graduation to celebrate our accomplishments. 

Overall, I am grateful for this opportunity to be part of the Eskwelabs community!