How Does CX Optimization Increase Sales and Performance?
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How Does CX Optimization Increase Sales and Performance?

Hi, I’m Kerith. I play music professionally, sometimes at a mall near you or at your school (if you’d like to invite us). During the day, I handle marketing and admissions at Eskwelabs. I make sure I understand where our customers or our learners are coming from. I just love asking, “So why would you like to take our program?” From there, I enlighten data aspirants about how our programs can meet their needs. For me, understanding customers is key to reaching them and eventually improving their experience. 

The customer’s experience is not everyone’s cup of matcha. When your WiFi was down, remember calling for assistance to have it fixed? They had promised to fix it the following morning, but it wasn't done until a week later.  Or when the tindera at that bakery just wouldn’t smile when she hands you your change for your morning pandesal. We’ve all been there. Lots of times, you’d wish not to return to that bakery or to that internet service provider (if there ever was a service provided). Naturally, the same goes with our customers. They leave us, because the experience just wasn’t right. Here are three reasons why you should make customer experience (CX) a priority. 

Customers that love you can leave you even after just one bad experience. 

That’s right. One in three consumers (32%) worldwide reported that they would leave a brand they love after a bad experience. That’s a lot! Imagine you were in a family of 3 and you got a bad experience from that nearby bakery. Well, chances are you’ll make a run for it or make your own ube pandesal like they did in 2020 (remember that?).

Customers can be acquired at a lower cost. 

With prices going up, most likely, even the costs of company resources are too! So you have to save money! And what better way to do that than to give great customer experience to lower customer acquisition cost. According to a survey of more than 1,000 consumers worldwide, 74% said they are likely to buy based on experience alone. Also, ever heard of word-of-mouth? Even before social media, people have been telling others about their great experiences. So if you give your customer a great experience, they’ll tell others—which contributes to your lead generation and, ultimately, to sales. Kaching! And you didn’t even have to spend as much on customer acquisition than you usually did!

Customers will come at you from everywhere and so we need to keep up! 

They’ll message you on Instagram, ask for prices through email, call you on Facebook messenger, wherever. Back then, people just cold called everyone through a landline phone. Now it’s different. And while it’s different, we need to take advantage of the times. For example, in digital marketing, it’s advantageous to leverage different channels. According to a 2020 report, omnichannel campaigns got a 287% higher purchase rate than single-channel campaigns. Entertaining customers across multiple channels causes more kaching! on your bottom line.

To be clear, customer experience is not just the work of customer service agents. Everyone in the organization has to take part in covering all touch points with customers. Even if you’re a data analyst, a product manager, or an intern, we all have a part to play. 

And how do we give great customer experience? Well, study your customer data. Know who they are, their pain points, where they’re from, what they like about your products. From there, strategize. To better analyze your customer data, why not sign up for our Data Analytics Bootcamp or our Data Science Fellowship? You’ll definitely enjoy the experience!