Gearing Up for the Future of Work
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Gearing Up for the Future of Work

FOR EVERY ACTION IS AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION holds true for all objects in motion. Newton's third law states that forces always exist in pairs—thus implies that interaction between natural things creates force. Such is a concept most fitting for edtech startups with a mission to make education accessible. In Eskwelabs’ case, the whole community is one force, and the future of work another. As the future of work has been evolving and expanding rapidly, we have also been consistently upskilling for four years—keeping up with change and setting ourselves up for success.

BUT WHAT DOES SUCCESS LOOK LIKE IN THE FUTURE OF WORK? Simply speaking, it is maximizing technology and automation to create a culture of inclusive, purpose-driven work for lifelong learners. It is one where no one gets left behind in terms of skill, opportunity, and growth. It is the openness to change as well as the confidence in the value of the human heart and soul that grows alongside AI and automation. Above all, the future of work is designed to create a positive impact—ensuring that future generations will find education and work that is meaningful as well.

THE THEME FOR ESKWELABS’ FOURTH ANNIVERSARY IS: GE4R UP: FOURWARD WE GO! It is our unwavering commitment to empowering individuals and organizations with industry-relevant skills so we can embrace the future of work together. Gearing up and moving forward means that we continue to innovate and improve our programs, expand our community, and deepen our impact. We are proud to share the milestones that serve as fuel to propel us forward into the future!

Learners that are empowered make a meaningful impact in the future of work.

Eskwelabs’ programs are built with solid foundations on data science and analytics but with a constant eye on the future. We are guided by the six pedagogical principles below which we strive for in all our programs:

These principles have brought numerous wins in our Data Science Fellowship and Data Analytics Bootcamp. For years we have transformed, refined, and innovated our bootcamp features to meet the ever-changing demands of the market. We have complete confidence in achieving the diverse learning goals of our learners—producing an evergreen community of learners and alumni.

My ability to process and analyze huge quantities of data quickly and precisely is a result of the data analytics skills and knowledge I have acquired from the training programs I attended.
I can recognize patterns, correlations, and trends in data using my data analytics skills, which enables me to respond to organization queries more perceptively and precisely. Additionally, my capacity for real-time data analysis and prediction has been crucial in enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of data management processing skills. - Cohort 7, Data Analytics Bootcamp alum
The program not just made me improve my [Python] skills but it also helped me develop my project management skill. These skills made it possible for me to transition to my current data science role.
Data Science is a broad field and learning never ends. Eskwelabs will help you get started on your data science journey by being a fun and engaging place to learn. - Cohort 10, Data Science Fellow

At the heart of our pedagogy is passion for impact. Another program that has grown fruitfully over the past year is our Data Literacy Skillscourse. This exclusive, basic analytics course for FHMoms was designed to equip Filipina mothers with the skills necessary for the future of work. It is a program that emphasizes the importance of lifelong learning and upskilling—opening doors for more opportunities. With Eskwelabs, access to education is made more inclusive.

Firefly AI prompt: An inclusive community of learners, leaders in different fields who come together to bridge the skills gap.

The efficiency of these programs provided the stability that we needed to incorporate new innovations in our pipeline.

The future of learning is synonymous to upskilling for BOTH individuals and teams. To that end, we launched the Learning Sprints—a project-based live cohort experience that incorporates technical capabilities anchored in data skills for an organization’s unique use case.

Simply speaking, for the past year we started training teams based on the skills that they need—conducting a free Data Maturity Assessment and creating a curriculum that aligns with their learning goals. The sprints that we’ve conducted so far have been nothing short of promising.

Since March 2022, we’ve delivered:

  • Five Data Awareness with Spreadsheets Sprints
  • Two Data for Decision-makers Sprints
  • Seven Data Storytelling for Insights Sprints
  • One Data Visualization with Power BI Sprint
  • Two Introduction to Data Reporting Sprints
  • and One Introduction to SQL Sprint

…across 470 learners from one university, two government agencies, and seven organizations.

We owe these successes to the hearts and the minds who remain dedicated to our shared mission.

Our mentors, for example, are a crucial part of our community—they bring with them industry wisdom, technical expertise, and passion for teaching.

Many thanks to our pool of mentors and instructors for using their unique experiences and insights to produce well-rounded learners and alumni who go on to make positive contributions in their workplaces and communities.

Eskwelabs’ mission to develop industry-relevant skills to ensure employability also wouldn’t be possible without our partners. These experts help shape our programs by making sure they meet industry standards.

For instance, this year we partnered with Eplayment for Cohort 7 and Agrabah for Cohort 9 of our Data Analytics Bootcamp in which our learners conduct a real-life company business review using their datasets. This kind of partnership is a win on both ends as our learners are able to practice with genuine industry data and our partners are able to gain actionable recommendations and insights for their organizations.

Eskwelabs has played a significant role in assisting Agrabah in achieving its business goals. Specifically, Eskwelabs has helped Agrabah to understand how to structure our data and the relationship between different sets of data. This knowledge has enabled us to develop a more effective data management system, which has allowed us to make informed decisions based on data-driven insights. - Agrabah
Eskwelabs helped us steer our analytics team on finding the right metrics to measure and how to present it visually that laymen can interpret and understand it clearly - Eplayment

The different government, university, and business institutions that are driven by education innovation were also forces that contributed to Eskwelabs’ success. Our collaboration works to bridge the skills gap in the Philippines by raising awareness of the importance of upskilling, and demonstrating how our learning sprints can benefit individuals and institutions

This excellence is driven by the visionaries who guide it.

Our community has taken on many shapes and forms since 2019 but one thing remains—a team who upskills alongside our learners.

What better way to empower a future-ready workforce by being lifelong-learners ourselves. “People-first” is a concept that not only applies to our programs but to our systems as well—designing it based on the team’s capacities, skills, and learning goals. The agile workflows, growth mindset, and key-shaped personas all manifest in a steady, unwavering pursuit of our mission to democratize education.

Over the past year, we have achieved incredible success and growth, and I believe that this is just the beginning!
A year from now, I see our company becoming a leader in our industry, known for our innovation, quality, and customer-centric approach. We will continue to leverage the latest technologies and best practices for the future of work.
Our team will continue to be our greatest asset, attracting the brightest and most talented individuals who share our values and commitment to excellence. We will foster a culture of collaboration, creativity, and continuous learning, where everyone is empowered to contribute their best ideas and talents.
Our clients and learners will remain at the center of everything we do, and we will continue to go above and beyond to exceed their expectations. We will deepen our relationships with existing customers and expand our reach to new markets and geographies.
Happy anniversary Eskwelabs, here's to an even brighter future ahead!

Eskwelabs will always be a force in motion.

Trends and predictions can give us an idea of what to expect in the future, but in an ever-changing world, there is no telling what exactly lies ahead. What we can be sure of; however, is that if we’re equipped with the right skills and driven by the desire for impact, we have the opportunity to go above and beyond what we thought we were capable of. 

For this reason, Eskwelabs will always be a force in motion. As is a car preparing for a long journey ahead, Eskwelabs will always gear up and fine tune its parts and systems to ensure it’s ready for whatever it encounters along the way. Some roads will be easy and some will be challenging but either way, we’re committed to bringing our ‘passengers’ to their destination—empowered, equipped, and confident in their skills.

It is without a doubt that our fifth year will be all the more impactful for the whole Eskwelabs community. Thank you again to our learners, mentors, partners, and team members for embarking on this innovation-filled journey towards the future with us. Forward we go!