Data Analytics Bootcamp Cohort 14 Review Session 1
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Review Session

Data Analytics Bootcamp Cohort 14 Review Session 1

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Event Agenda

About the Event

The Data Analytics Bootcamp Review Session is a 1-hour live session conducted by our Education Team to help aspiring bootcamp applicants do well in the Pathfinder assessment exam. Completing this assessment exam is the key mover of your application to the program.

Is this event free?


How is Review Session 1 related to Review Session 2?

We understand that our applicants have busy schedules. Having two sessions gives more opportunities for applicants to attend one of our sessions. Review Session 1 and Review Session 2 are the same, and if you've attend one, you are definitely free to attend another.

‍What You’ll Get

  • 💡 A walk-through of the Pathfinder assessment exam coverage
  • 📝 Sample questions based on the assessment topics
  • 📋 A walk-through of the application process and reminders from the Admissions Team
  • 💬 Q&A with the Education and Admissions Team

Want to know more about the program?

Schedule a one-on-one consultation with our Admissions team here!

Pathfinder assessment exam FAQs

What is the Pathfinder assessment exam?

The Pathfinder Test is Eskwelabs' multi-faceted test designed to provide the learner information about their data skills, how they can leverage it, and opportunities to learn with it.

The test consists of the following parts:

  1. Personal Biography
  2. Data Skills Assessment
  3. Data Tools and Path Self-Evaluation
  4. Learning Style Preferences
  5. Motivation

How different is the Pathfinder assessment exam from the old individual program assessment exams?

In the past, we would have one assessment exam for the Data Analytics Bootcamp and one for the Data Science Fellowship. Today, we only have one assessment exam in Eskwelabs. The Pathfinder is more holistic. Not only does it assess your baseline level of data skills but it also explores your learning style, motivations, and more.