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"Aral-Aral" Take Home Study

We created a Take Home Study (we are calling it "Aral-Aral") as a prerequisite to the Eskwelabs’s Data Science Bootcamp. While there are important skills and techniques you will learn, what we really want to see is your grit in completing the materials. Research has shown that a student’s ability to persevere and be resourceful when completing task is a stronger indicator of future success compared to previous knowledge. 

By covering this curriculum, you will be more comfortable with basic data science concepts - in Python and in statistics - empowering you to be ready for the full bootcamp experience. Passing the Take Home Study is determined by your performance on the “Pre-course Assessments” which is conducted online. If you are already familiar with these topics and are confident in your knowledge, you may proceed directly to the online assessment at our discretion.

The Take Home Study takes about 25-30 hours.

1. Intro to Data Science

2. Basic Python

You will learn about the programming language Python and its usefulness in data science, which is why we chose it to be the main language of instruction for Eskwelabs.

3. Statistics

You will master the vocabulary, notation, concepts, and algebraic rules that are critical to understanding predictive analytics and more advanced materials. 

4. SQL

Complete 1 of the following courses: