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Our Manifesto

Eskwelabs is a movement empowering young people with the skills of the future through community.




A revolution is underway. A technological one that the World Economic Forum calls the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Artificial intelligence. Automation. Intelligent robots. Self-driving cars. The evidence of dramatic change is all around us and it’s happening at exponential speed.


These emerging technologies are transforming the type of work people do and how it is done. That means many people could be left behind if we lack relevant skills for the industries of the future. In South-East Asia where half of the population is under the age of 30, but only a quarter of young people ever graduate from university, how will we thrive in this future?


Learners lack opportunities that are accessible, engaging and job-relevant to up-skilling. At the same time, employers are struggling to fill vacancies that need in-demand skills.


Eskwelabs aims to deliver up-scaling opportunities at scale. 


We don’t see our training as content to be consumed, but vehicles to facilitate growth, commitment, exploration and change -- essential elements of what it means to be alive today. We prepare our students, who we call Eskwelabs Fellows, to be employment-ready. We grow their confidence in their own abilities to continuously learn as they develop their careers. And we help them acquire an impact mindset to use their skills to contribute to society.


We can’t do this alone. We know that education inequity is entrenched in a larger broken system. We call upon other innovators, traditional actors, public entities to work together, with or without us, to build the movement that the Revolution needs.