Data Science Fellowship Cohort 10 Demo Day
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9:00 pm
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Demo Day

Data Science Fellowship Cohort 10 Demo Day

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Event Agenda

About the Event

Today, the average person creates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily.

There's SO MUCH DATA and also so many ways to utilize it. In our Data Science Fellowship, we empower our students (our Fellows) to use it for good!

The Demo Day Showcase is the culmination of our students' work in this 15-week program. We hope Cohort 10’s capstone projects will push you to imagine the possibilities that we can make real with data science!

We welcome data enthusiasts, those curious about data, data professionals, and those interested in enrolling in Eskwelabs to join us via Zoom.

‍What You’ll Get

✅ You will see the fresh ideas of our Data Science Fellowship Cohort 10 Fellows via their capstone project presentations.
✅ You will meet our esteemed guests from the industry who will serve as panel speakers. They will lead the Q&A session in which our Fellows must defend their projects.
✅ You will be able to connect with our Fellows and see firsthand the level of expertise that comes out of our bootcamp. Excite yourself with the idea that you too can make a data science capstone project in just 15 weeks!


Who is this for?

This Cohort 10 Demo Day Showcase is an open invitation to:

  • Data science professionals
  • Data enthusiasts and also those who are curious about data
  • Representatives from all industries and fields—data is everywhere, after all!
  • Those thinking of enrolling in the Data Science Fellowship

For those attending this event, we hope to deepen your appreciation and understanding of data’s potential for good in our society.

What is Demo Day?

Demo day is common in the startup industry. These are events organized by incubators and accelerators, wherein the participating startup founders pitch their ideas to a room full of potential investors, with the hope of securing an investment for their business.

What is Demo Day (in the context of Eskwelabs) and what are capstone projects?

In Eskwelabs’ case, Demo Day is a day of celebration—a celebration of the students’ capstone projects. This is the major project that represents everything they’ve gone through in the whole duration of the bootcamp.

How will Demo Day go?

The students will be presenting their respective capstone projects. They will face Q&A and defend their project in front of a panel of judges! People from any industry are invited and welcome to attend the Demo Day to witness what the students have prepared and even ask their own questions.

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