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Franz T.

Eskwelabs Data Science Fellow and Aral-Aral Scholar

Aral-Aral learners, like Franz, have the chance to receive a full-ride scholarship to the Eskwelabs Data Science Fellowship.

"Aral-Aral was a great training ground for me before the Eskwelabs Fellowship. It refreshed the basics while getting me into the mindset of a Data Scientist. Honestly, Aral-Aral and its resources allowed me to appreciate Data Science more as well as discover and pursue what I love right now. I also met amazing friends and mentors along the way! For all of those hesitating, I say go for it! The data science community is vibrant and caring, and Aral-Aral will definitely help you get started and grow as a Data Scientist!"

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Do you represent a class or a community group eager to learn data basics? Eskwelabs Aral-Aral partners with community groups, universities and more to offer them free group access. Join the 20+ existing partners for Aral-Aral in democratizing data education.

Past Learning Circles

Learning Circles are live sessions where learners can code-along and participate in active live learning. Watch Albert Yumol from Eskwelabs team explain why the magicians and the wizards of our time are those who can understand data in this introductory video to how statistics is core to data science.

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