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Industry Mentorship Program

We dream of democratizing access to data skills that will help everyone succeed in the future of work. We cannot do it all by ourselves so we're looking for like-minded individuals who want to build the mission together.

Eskwelabs Instructors and Mentors are data professionals who contribute to the unique learning experience at Eskwelabs on a part-time basis and are an integral part of the Eskwelabs community - they serve as role models for learners seeking guidance in their careers.

Join the network - our past instructors and mentors come from the top organizations


Why become a Mentor?

Expand Your Network

Establish yourself as a leader in the industry by coaching and growing others.

Share Your Expertise

Even experts were once beginners. Guide budding talent and impact their lives.

Competitive Pay

We value your time, effort, and expertise and compensate them accordingly.

Our Hiring Process for Mentors



Join our network, and we’ll notify you when roles open up that match your interests and abilities.



Apply to a position, and we’ll reach out to chat and see if it’s a fit. You’ll teach or mentor for a sample session to demonstrate your expertise and approach.



Once you’re hired, we’ll provide you with materials and training to set you up for success.



Join the community and make an impact with our learners.

Join as a Mentor

If you are a data professional and want to join our network of instructors and mentors, tell us about your interest and we will reach out to you.

The future of work is data. Eskwelabs creates opportunities for people and teams to thrive in the future of work through data skills education.

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