Say hello to our new User Experience (UX) Designer, Louie!

We are pleased to welcome Louie as a new member of our Tech Team at Eskwelabs.

About Louie

Louie’s passion for a student’s learning experience goes way back to his college days. Back then, he was a student leader and education advocate for Ateneo Gabay, a youth-led non-profit organization that supports university scholars and tutors public elementary school students.

After graduation, Louie was able to acquire knowledge and skills in a variety of fields, since he wore a diverse variety of hats in his past companies.

He started his career as a Graphic Designer for Evident Marketing & PR in 2016. After his stint there, Louie worked both as an art director and creative director at Drink Sustainability Communications. More recently, he received his license as a Financial Advisor for AIA Philippines. In a way, his exposure to numbers and art gave him a diverse background that closely resembles that of the intellectual and artist, Leonardo da Vinci.

Eskwelabs has welcomed with open arms Louie’s great variety of skills. He recently joined our Tech Team because he is passionate about his goal of using his multidisciplinary experience to enhance the data literacy and hireability of all our learners. Though our new UX Designer observes that many educational institutions are not keeping up with the fast-paced changes in society and technology, he is a firm believer in the power of education to level the playing field—especially for underprivileged, marginalized, and vulnerable sectors of society.

Louie hopes that his work at Eskwelabs can help bridge the gap between the haves and have-nots through impactful initiatives and well-designed educational products.

A Regular Day for Louie at Eskwelabs

Louie’s advocacy of widening educational and employment opportunities finds expression in his day-to-day job as a User Experience (UX) Designer in our Tech Team. Here, he provides support by conducting research, identifying behaviors, and aligning educational interactions to make learning easy, effective, and enjoyable.

He is primarily involved in the user experience design of our new Data Literacy Skillscourse (DLS). The DLS is a low-cost, mobile-based data literacy upskilling experience (for freelance-specific data analytics skills) which will be marketed through our partner FHMoms — the largest online community of female freelancers in the Philippines. The partnership—between Eskwelabs and FHMoms, and the Australian government—aims to reach at least 10,000 learners with this free data literacy course within 2 years.

The mobile-based learning platform of the DLS has seen a lot of improvement thanks to the insights Louie has extracted from user interviews and community events like work-in-progress demos and sharing sessions. From these interactions, along with close coordination with our Education Team, Louie was able to understand our learners better and incorporate the insights he gleaned into future design iterations and development implementations.

From collaborating with DLS users, Louie was able to help introduce new features for the learning platform, such as the ability of users to view learner profiles and create learner squads. His interactions with the Education Team, on the other hand, helped him design the best and easiest way for learners to access the cases and courses offered in the DLS.

His pleasure in finding out the needs of our learners is evident when he remarked that “it was nice to put faces on our learners and hear their thoughts on how to improve their overall experience.” From this statement, it is clear that Louie sees our learners as human beings who have special needs and not just statistical data points which can be satisfied with a one-size-fits-all solution.

His contributions to developing our Data Literacy Skillscourse enabled Louie to also help in the creation of our new website feature called “the concierge.” This feature helps us centralize the way our learners interact with us, such as during applications for our Data Science Fellowship and Data Analytics Bootcamp, or registrations to Eskwelabs events. And just like the concierge in a mall or hotel, our concierge contains a lot of vital information such as the application status of our potential learners, and the next steps they need to follow in order to pursue their studies with us. Louie’s participation in the concierge project mainly involved identifying areas of concern or difficulty in the use of the new feature, improving the quality of the experience of our website’s users.

Despite this great variety of work that Louie has become involved in, his contributions to Eskwelabs doesn’t stop there.

He also spends time and effort conducting talks and providing suggestions to our Communities Team. Since Louie has some experience with digital marketing, he shared his insights on how our team can improve our content strategy so more people will know about our principles regarding providing accessible data education for the common good.

Louie After Work

The highly artistic side of Louie shines in the type of music he listens to when he chills out after a hard day’s work. He is a big fan of Lady Gaga and her latest album “Chromatica.” He also looks forward to hearing the artist’s jazz album, “Love for Sale,” which Lady Gaga produced in collaboration with the legendary singer Tony Bennett. Louie is such a big fan of Lady Gaga, that the pandemic doesn’t seem to dampen his spirits. Here is a picture of Louie wearing a Chromatica-themed face mask.

Another thing that keeps his spirits up during the doldrums of the pandemic are the limited-edition Chromatica-themed Oreos that he eats while relishing the music of Lady Gaga. The cookies in the picture below seem as tasty as they are well-designed.

Do you have as much passion for software and hardware as much as Louie does for art and students’ learning experience? Do you believe in spreading the benefits of data education for the good of society?

If you agree with both of the questions above, we have the following Tech Team positions available. We encourage all interested parties to join us as we pursue our mission of preparing people for the future of work and empowering them to solve social problems through data.