Say hello to our new Partnerships Associate, Emily!

We are honored to welcome Emily as a new member of our Partnerships Team at Eskwelabs.

About Emily

Though Emily was a fresh college graduate when she joined our team, she has extensive experience when it comes to social advocacies.

While she was pursuing her bachelor’s degree in geodetic engineering at the University of the Philippines (UP), she was involved with as many as 10 university organizations. Among the many organizations she devoted her time and energy in to include UP Resilience Institute Youth Mappers, UP Women in Engineering, and UP Sigma Alpha Nu Sorority. In her stint in these various organizations, she spearheaded nationwide projects, ran advocacy campaigns, and learned about stakeholder management.

Emily also has an extensive and diverse job experience despite her young age.

She worked as an instructor in various review centers, as a business development intern in engineering companies, and was previously the Program Lead at Saliksik, a platform that caters to the various needs of Filipino researchers.

Emily is also adept at juggling multiple commitments. Despite her busy schedule as our Partnerships Associate, she is a volunteer lead in the Mentorship Team of Women in Geospatial+, an international network of women in the geospatial industry.

Why Emily Joined Eskwelabs

Emily is no stranger to the field of data science, making her a perfect fit for our data upskilling school.

Her first encounter with natural language processing (which is part of our 12-week Data Science Fellowship curriculum) and artificial intelligence was during her undergraduate thesis work involving data from the Diwata-2 satellite. Emily says her college research first drew her attention to data science.

Aside from this, her work experience while she was studying also greatly affected her decision to apply as our Partnerships Associate. She mentions that during her internships in various software and engineering companies, she saw the value of promoting the importance of new skills and modern technology and delivering them to institutions and businesses. Emily also shares that her experiences as an educator and a student inspired her to envision and look for a better way to deliver educational services. She states she found this better way in how we design our learning process and democratize access to data education.

Emily’s passion for a better way of educating people shone brightly even during her final interview with our CEO Angela Chen, just before Emily became part of our team. During this interview, Angela wasn’t the only one doing the questioning. Emily likewise asked Angela about what Eskwelabs will look like in 5 to 10 years. According to Emily, listening to Angela’s vision of contributing significant changes and creating an impact in the education sector inspired her to join our team.

In Emily’s own words, she wants to impact change in education, one bootcamp at a time.

A Regular Day for Emily at Eskwelabs

Being part of the Partnerships Team is a challenging endeavor. However, Emily has the right tools and mindset for the demands of this type of working environment.

She has extensive experience cultivating partnerships and managing projects through her work in several companies and in multiple organizations. Her technical background due to her bachelor’s degree and other online courses she took makes her a good fit for a digitally-driven upskilling school like Eskwelabs.

The work Emily does everyday covers many aspects of our educational operations. For instance, she is in charge of job placement initiatives for both our Data Analytics Bootcamp and Data Science Fellowship graduates. Since she works with our Admissions Lead to determine our learners’ career goals, Emily can customize their post-bootcamp employment needs. Aside from dealing with our learners, she also invites resource speakers for our two bootcamps’ Fireside Chats and helps us find industry experts who will judge our learners’ data projects, which we call “sprints.”

Her passion for linking our graduates to our company partners is evident in the modifications she helped implement for our learning management system (LMS). Unlike the average LMS, ours does not merely contain course content. Thanks to Emily’s hard work and her collaboration with our Education Team, the Eskwelabs LMS now has the latest employment vacancies for data professionals and job search tips, among other features.

Emily’s dealings with our partner companies do not end with supplying them with data-upskilled employees. In case our partners want to build data skills in-house, she assesses the companies’ training needs and makes sure the information she gets from the assessment makes it to our curriculum design process. This is how we at Eskwelabs maintain industry-relevant data bootcamps.

Where many people collapse under the pressure of doing many things, Emily thrives. Despite her many tasks, she enjoys all of them since she cultivates the growth mindset in her life. She particularly likes connecting with people of various fields of expertise and feels the fulfillment of helping our learners land their data-oriented jobs. Aside from these, she sees her many roles at Eskwelabs as a learning experience instead of a difficult burden.

Emily After Work

Like the Ancient Greek philosophers of old, Emily believes in the principle of a sound mind in a sound body. That is why when her shift ends, she focuses on strengthening her body through exercise. Her desire for physical activity did not weaken despite the pandemic. But instead of hitting the gym, she now exercises at home and takes online fitness classes designed by Plana Forma and Heather Robertson.

Aside from growing her strength, Emily also loves growing plants. In particular, she has become a “plant mom” to her mushrooms, which she uses to make her mushroom stir-fry snacks and plant-based chicharon. The photo below shows Emily’s “babies.”

But her fascination with making food does not end with mushroom-based treats.

Emily also loves baking pastries like cinnamon rolls, lemon bars, and oatmeal cookies. She delights in bringing these treats along with her dogs to the nearby beach. The photos below show the snacks Emily bakes and the main benefactor of these treats, her dog Cassie. The picture of Cassie below was taken right after she dove into the cold water.

Success in life, as Emily’s life shows, is partly about creating the right partnerships. Want to partner with us as we promote engaging data education for the common good? Check out our job openings below and see which ones fit your interests and skills.

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Community Manager
Content Writer (Freelance)
Junior Product Manager

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Software Developer (Intern)
Technical Project Manager
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Education Team

Data Science Education Lead
Data Science Instructor
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