Say hello to our new Partnerships Manager, Juvien!

We are pleased to welcome Juvien Galano as our Partnerships Manager at Eskwelabs.

About Juvien

Juvien brings to our team a diverse background in marketing and stakeholder engagement at e-Estonia Briefing Centre, Population Services Pilipinas, and Uni-Orient. Most recently, Juvien provided digital upskilling training for The Asia Foundation under the Go Digital ASEAN initiative. Juvien pursued the degree of Master of Arts in Technology Governance and Digital Transformation at Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia.

His stint at The Asia Foundation saw him working as a freelance trainer. The foundation is an international non-profit organization that is committed to improving lives across Asia. The topics of his training include agri-tourism, digital tools, government linkages, and online protection, among others. The training Juvien conducted for the foundation aims to empower budding and even established entrepreneurs to take advantage of online tools and public resources to launch or improve their businesses. Most of his students back then were farmers, students from the provinces, and small business owners.

A Regular Day for Juvien at Eskwelabs

Juvien joined Eskwelabs because he wanted to be involved with a company which has a mission to improve the lives of people. He says that since he worked for a purpose-driven sector, it was natural for him to join a company whose purpose is embedded in its business core. This, plus the fact that he has a background in digital transformation and education, made him feel like he found the perfect company in Eskwelabs.

As Eskwelabs’ new Partnerships Manager, Juvien is in charge of establishing relationships with potential clients and partners. His role is multifaceted so there are times when Juvien works with the Education Team to firm up proposals. There are also instances when he coordinates with the Marketing Team to hold events that aim to convince companies to partner with us. At times, he coordinates with the founders to ensure that the Partnerships Team’s endeavors are aligned with our mission and objectives.

Given the variety of the people and materials he has to work with, there is no one-size-fits-all typical day for Juvien. His days vary depending on the status of the conversations with potential clients. For example, if his week is booked with early-stage partnership talks, then his shift will be dominated by meetings and email outreach. Juvien mentions that “as conversations move to the latter stages of prospecting, then you’ll see me buried in slides and documents to finish proposals for clients.” Aside from all these, he also collaborates with different teams to plan for other deliverables like curriculum design, events, and project management.

The great variety of Juvien’s responsibilities doesn’t reduce his enthusiasm for our edtech startup. He loves connecting with potential clients and getting them interested in scaling up their data teams either through data skills training or hiring our graduates. Juvien admits that “...the best feeling is when the companies say that they are impressed with the outputs of our graduates and that [the Eskwelabs alumni] contributed a lot to their respective organizations. It says a lot about the quality of our training and [talent] and it makes me want to look for more companies to help. Sounds like a job for Superman!” It is clear from his statements that passion is a crucial characteristic that Eskwelabs team members.

Juvien After Work

Left photo shows Juvien creating his signature hand-tossed pizza while his ginger beer masterpiece can be seen in the right picture.

Juvien joined Eskwelabs during the time of one of the world’s worst pandemics. However, this did not stop him from developing an interesting hobby. He is into homebrewing, particularly creating his own ginger beer. According to him, the “drink is so simple to make and only needs four ingredients: ginger, sugar, water, and…a little bit of patience. This is a good and healthy alternative to soft drinks. Trust me, it’s fizzy good!”

From brewing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, to concocting programs to form fruitful networks for Eskwelabs, Juvien is capable of doing them all. That is why we at Eskwelabs are happy that he is our key person in dealing with educational institutions, companies, and other external organizations who believe in data education for social good. If you are a company owner, organizational leader, or educator who needs Eskwelabs’ expertise for a data-driven future, you may reach out to Juvien by sending him an email at