Say hello to our new Learning Community Manager, Robyn!

We are pleased to welcome Robyn as a new member of our Education Team at Eskwelabs.

About Robyn

Passion for impact and focus on learners are among the hallmarks that make Eskwelabs different from many other data upskilling schools in the country. Robyn, our newest team member, has also had these two distinguishing characteristics since her career began. Prior to joining Eskwelabs, she was involved as an Education Officer at a non-government organization (NGO) based in Makati and Tondo. Her advocacy of increased access to education also reflected Eskwelabs’ mission even before she joined our team. In her role at the said NGO, she taught elementary-level students English and Math and offered bridging classes for those who have difficulty reading and counting.

Science and the environment are also near the top of Robyn’s priority list. She worked as an Environment Program Manager for a leading Philippine bank and has volunteered for different science-awareness campaigns in the country. Robyn is also a part-time contributing writer to Bato Balani, a science magazine for children.

A Regular Day for Robyn at Eskwelabs

Robyn’s background in science and education is a perfect match for her role as the Learning Community Manager for our Data Science Fellowship (DSF) and Innovate with Data (IWD) learning tracks. Though both educational programs aim to upgrade data skills, the learner profile for IWD is mostly made up of startup founders or their team members and entrepreneurship-oriented individuals.

Her working hours start around 1-2 hours after waking up in the morning. She is focused on improving the systems and operations processes of our DSF and IWD, ensuring that learners in both upskilling tracks get the best experience possible. Robyn continuously improves Eskwelabs’ educational processes mainly through feedback forms.

The empathy she has for Eskwelabs’ learners is another valuable asset that she brings to our data upskilling school. Her unique understanding of student learning experience comes from her deep involvement in the health, nutritional, and academic needs of the children she served before joining our team. The needs of our students may not be as extreme as what Robyn was used to, but her experience allows her to be more precise, yet compassionate in improving the learning experience at Eskwelabs. For instance, she keeps in mind the busy lives of startup founders attending our IWD and the grueling nature of DSF classes in ensuring that no learners get left behind in our data education programs.

Aside from enhancing our learner-centered educational process, Robyn also has an indirect hand in product management. This is because Aurelien Chu, our Chief Operating Officer, gives Robyn the opportunity to improve the flow of our different workshops and find ways to better engage both our DSF and IWD learners.

Robyn After Work

Robyn’s dynamism doesn’t end in the virtual classrooms of Eskwelabs.

Before the pandemic, her spirit of adventure started growing wings, particularly from 2019-2020. In what she describes as a significant growing period for her, she explored the exotic martial art of Muay Thai along with the physically demanding activity of wall climbing. From that time until when COVID-19 made headlines, she was also into hiking with her friends. Her hunger for hiking will hopefully find fulfillment once the pandemic ends.

Below is a picture of Robyn after a hike during lighter times.

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 7.16.48 AM_2.jpg

The cultural high ground of education gives people a broader and more beautiful view. If you also believe in the power of data education to uplift lives and elevate people’s thinking in society, you may join Robyn and the rest of our Education Team. Join us by clicking any of the links below:

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