Say hello to our new Go Developer, James!

We are pleased to welcome James as a new member of our Tech Team at Eskwelabs.

About James

The pandemic closed a lot of doors, in more ways than one. Many of these doors are those attached to brick-and-mortar stores. With the closure of ordinary shops, many sellers went to the virtual world to remain in business. However, even before the boom of e-commerce due to COVID-19, James was hard at work helping a startup set up an online store.

During his stint there, he helped design the virtual “nuts and bolts'' which allowed the startup to buy and sell sneakers online. This means he performed extensive software development work using various programming tools like ElasticSearch, CircleCI, and Go. Collectively, these tools made possible an online interface that allowed users to search for the sneakers of their choice while ensuring automatic deployment mechanisms for the website. For our non-techie readers, deployment is the process of translating programming code into an actual website that you see on your monitor.

The reason why James worked for the startup is because he enjoys using up-to-date technology.

A Regular Day for James at Eskwelabs

The extensive web development work James performed for his former employer has brought with him valuable experience which has helped Eskwelabs build its virtual learning environment. In fact, his skills with the Go programming language are helping Eskwelabs build an innovative new type of learning experience - our mobile-based Data Literacy Skillscourse (DLS). This new platform facilitates social connections through conversational interfaces. This enhances the learning process via real-time chat conversations. The unique communication features of the DLS platform allow the busy mothers of the FHMoms community to level up their data skills effectively. James' experience with cutting-edge software development practices allows us to deliver this new kind of learning experience, which aims to improve the employability of home-based mothers.

His software development calibre is necessary given the highly-innovative nature of the DLS. This data upskilling program is one of the few learning tracks of its kind that are mobile-first (users can learn without using a laptop), allow social chat, and designed specifically for the needs and way of learning of a particular community of home-based mothers. In effect, James is one of our most vital bridge-builders that links as many people as possible to the benefits of data education. This is how he helps us at Eskwelabs pursue our mission of data for good.

Our mission and James’ work philosophy are aligned. According to him, one of the reasons why he joined Eskwelabs is because our data upskilling school has “learning at its core.” This is true since, in both our business operations and data education programs, we foster a culture of continued growth and learning. In fact, we are so passionate about growth and progress, that James himself noticed that we have “a good tech stack.” In simple terms, a good tech stack means an effective and efficient set of programming languages, apps, and other digital tools that improve a company’s business operations. In other words, a seasoned programmer like James thinks that Eskwelabs has among the industry’s most cutting-edge information technology infrastructure.

James’ orange “Dune'' novel sits side-by-side with his machine, which helps keep Eskwelabs’ information infrastructure alive.

James After Work

James’ technical wizardry is not confined to the world of data education. He also uses his software talent in the virtual world of gaming and the off-the-beaten path realm of mobile communications experimentation. He enjoys tinkering with non-conventional ways that wirelessly-connected electronic devices send data to each other through the use of technologies like self-hosted SMS API and MQ Telemetry Transport. He is also into the world of video games. In particular, he is running a community market where gamers can buy and sell virtual items. James has a fascination with banning certain members of the community, so gamers who deal with him must be on their best behavior.

The realm of science fiction is also within James’ sphere of interest. He is especially fascinated by the exotic world of the sci-fi novel “Dune,” which was written by Frank Herbert. The author’s method of world-building serves as James’ inspiration for creating a virtual world for his future video game.

If like James, you also want to work with a learning-oriented organization and get access to cutting-edge software development tools, we have job openings on our Tech Team! Join us by clicking any of the links below: