Say hello to our new Education Specialist, Patricia!

We are pleased to welcome Patricia (also known as “Trish”) as a new member of our Educ Team at Eskwelabs.

About Patricia

Patricia’s relationship with data goes way before she joined our data upskilling school.

Then, until now, she has worked for a non-profit organization that focuses on youth development and leadership in the Philippines. Patricia’s love for this kind of work comes from her appreciation of the youth’s contribution to community development and nation-building. Ever since she joined this organization, she has seen the challenges and opportunities encountered by volunteer groups regarding gathering and handling data.

She eventually joined our team at Eskwelabs and became a graduate of our 8-week Data Analytics Bootcamp. Her participation in our mission of inclusive data education is driven by her desire to be at the forefront of creating opportunities for more Filipinos to be data-literate and empowered with data skills.

A Regular Day for Patricia at Eskwelabs

Patricia’s work as an Education Specialist involves working with a team of community managers and tech developers in our Data Literacy Skillscourse (DLS).

The DLS is a low-cost, mobile-based data literacy upskilling experience (for freelance-specific data analytics skills) which will be marketed through our partner FHMoms— the largest online community of female freelancers in the Philippines. The partnership—between Eskwelabs and FHMoms, and the Australian government—aims to reach at least 10,000 learners with this free data literacy course within 2 years.

Patricia has a passion for helping more Filipinos get access to data education at their own pace. That is why she loves learning from and working with the rest of the DLS squad, which includes Francine Tan , Dan Estropia, our CTO Caleb Tutty, Geenie Duarte, James Vincent Bion, and Louie Cartagena. She remarks that even though she has no background in product development, she loves learning a lot from her colleagues. This kind of growth mindset is a crucial factor for success in our data bootcamps and even for the 21st-century workplace.

One of the things she loves about our Data Literacy Skillscourse is the opportunity to contribute to a meaningful learning experience for beginners in data literacy. Patricia especially enjoys sharing her ideas to gamify and freshen up our data education program.

Despite her busy schedule in her job for a nonprofit organization and work in the DLS project, she still finds time to help our prospective learners prepare for our entrance assessment! Patricia uses her expertise in education to help the applicants for our Data Analytics Bootcamp and 12-week Data Science Fellowship pass our entrance exam. She also helps create educational materials for and provide assistance in other Eskwelabs events together with Francine. In these events, Patricia relishes fully engaging with our students because she believes that it is good to “finally put [faces] on the names” we have in our list. In her discussions with our learners, she introduces the learning component of our DLS program.

Patricia After Work

When Patricia is not helping us cook up engaging and learner-centered data education programs, she is busy baking her delicious goodies (even in the middle of the night!). Among her oven masterpieces include dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, pretzels, and her own version of chocolate cookies. The pictures below may not have aromas and flavors, but it’s the closest one can get to appreciate Patricia’s magic in the kitchen.

Patricia is also into embroidery and appreciating unique ideas weaved by other minds. When she is not stitching, she is reading books like “The Philippines is Not a Small Country” by Gideon Lasco. During the peak of the pandemic, she tried to finish the books she left half-read.

We at Eskwelabs welcome people with varied interests and passion for social action like Patricia. If you are a broad-minded individual who is passionate about enhancing data education for the common good, we encourage you to try applying for a position in our Education Team.

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