Say hello to our new Data Literacy Product Manager, Geenie !

We are pleased to welcome Geenie as a new member of our Tech Team at Eskwelabs.

About Geenie

Heraclitus, an ancient Greek proponent of abstract thinking, remarked that change is the only constant in the world. Geenie, in particular, is no stranger to leading change. Before she transitioned to a tech role at Eskwelabs, she was a Scrum Product Owner at AXA Philippines, a large financial services company. Geenie coordinated with internal and external stakeholders to plan and organize key digital transformation initiatives to drive growth and profitability for AXA. Using the timeline she planned for these collaboration-driven initiatives, Geenie was able to address backlogs in her former employer’s work processes.

However, a lung surgery and the onset of the pandemic forced Geenie to reorient her priorities. Her desire to shift to a work-from-home setup led to a chance encounter with Eskwelabs during a job search. Geenie stated that her warm conversation during the job interview with CTO Caleb Tutty and CEO Angela Chen is one major reason why she joined our team. Her love of the challenge of working in the unfamiliar startup sector is also another consideration that led to her employment at Eskwelabs.

A Regular Day for Geenie at Eskwelabs

Geenis joins our team as the Product Manager for a new product Eskwelabs is launching through a partnership with the Australian government and FHMoms. Eskwelabs will be launching a low-cost mobile-based data literacy upskilling experience (for freelance-specific data analytics skills), which will be marketed through partner FHMoms, the largest online community of female freelancers in the Philippines. The partnership—between Eskwelabs and FHMoms, and the Australian government—aims to reach at least 10,000 learners with this free data literacy course within 2 years.

As a Product Manager, Geenie leads the planning and development of the data upskilling program. In collaboration with our CTO Caleb Tutty, our developers and the UI/UX team, she improved the Tech Team’s efficiency and organization through an enhanced implementation of the Scrum framework.

A typical day for Geenie includes coordinating with internal stakeholders for requirements specifications, addressing product backlogs brought about by changes in requirements, and helping to contribute in enhancing the user experience.

The leadership and service that she provides for Eskwelabs is something she enjoys because it gives her the opportunity to contribute her ideas to a project, collaborate with teammates, and learn from other people.

Geenie After Work

Exploring the possibilities of Scrum and digital transformation is not the only thing that preoccupies Geenie’s mind. Outside work, she is not shy about scaling high places and swimming deep underwater worlds.

Before COVID-19 hit, Geenie was hitting the mountains through long and adventurous hikes. Her last hike was at Mount Apo in Davao, back in February 2020. She climbed the mountain because it is the highest peak in the Philippines. Here is a picture of Geenie conquering one of the country’s mightiest landforms.

From the forests and highlands, Geenie went a little deeper than many people. Despite her lung surgery, she did not hesitate to go freediving with her friends in late 2020. This activity involves exploring deep parts of the sea, minus the scuba gear. This lung-intensive activity excited Geenie because she says freediving can be done even by people who can’t swim. She also relished the feeling of being in another dimension as she explored beautiful environments and species that many others have not seen or heard of yet. Here is a picture of Geenie feeling at home in her blue but calm world.

If you are as adventurous as Geenie in exploring how the power of technology can improve society through data education, you may want to join our Tech Team. We have the following available positions: