Say hello to our new Content Associate, Mel!

We are pleased to welcome Mel as a new member of our Growth Squad at Eskwelabs.

About Mel

Though Mel’s passion for data science is fairly recent, his love for information and knowledge goes way back to his high school days. Back then, he enjoyed writing for the school paper as much as he loved dabbling in basic Turbo Pascal programming language and HTML coding.

His stint in college was on and off due to financial constraints, hence he got to experience working for a wide variety of fields during and after his pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Before joining Eskwelabs, he wore many hats in the corporate world, including being an English language tutor, a customer service representative, a news writer and curator, a travel content writer, and a business consultancy researcher. On the side, he also pursued a course in Basic PC Troubleshooting, showing that his love for tech rivals his love for a wide variety of knowledge.

It is his fascination with the world of technology that eventually led him to apply for a job at Eskwelabs. When he saw an opening for a content writer in our data upskilling school, he took the opportunity to apply given his background in writing and fascination with all things technological.

A Regular Day for Mel at Eskwelabs

Checking emails and the Google Calendar app for meetings is one of the first things Mel does during a regular day. He also interacts with members of the Communities Team to ensure the timely delivery of content like blogs, newsletters, and social media posts. Regardless of the type of content he writes, Mel’s main aim is to spread the career and life benefits of enrolling in Eskwelabs’ bootcamps like the 8-week Data Analytics Bootcamp and the 12-week Data Science Fellowship.

The Communities Team is not the only team Mel works with. He also assists the Education Team by editing email templates and other documents. In addition to this role, he also provides the Tech Team some input by providing microcopy and user interface design suggestions for our latest website feature, which is called the concierge. Through the concierge, our enrollees have a better and more user-friendly way of knowing about the status of their application in our data upskilling programs.

One of the best things Mel enjoys about writing content for us is the challenge of making technical concepts in data science and data analytics more understandable for a broader audience. He also relishes the idea of convincing people to take up a data-oriented career by enrolling in our data bootcamps. After all, he himself underwent some difficult challenges during his college days. Therefore, Mel knows the value of education and the importance of making it accessible even to those in financial need.

Mel After Work

Once the work day is over, Mel’s long relationship with cars, books, food, photography, and travel continues to bloom.

Ever since he could remember, Mel was driving cars. Although the car he had way back in childhood was simply a plastic bottle, he eventually got his license for real-world driving when he was 17 years old. Until now, he sees driving as one of the greatest pleasures in the world. In fact, he loves cars so much, he is an avid fan of motor racing series like Formula One and the World Rally Championships.

Whether through commuting or driving a car himself, Mel feels excited about visiting different places. In fact, he enjoys sampling all kinds of food establishments ranging from casual dining outlets to fine-dining restaurants. He also loves visiting museums and historical landmarks where he puts his amateur photography skills to the test. You can see some of his attempts at artistic photography below.

Fountain in the University of the Philippines

Diosdado Macapagal's Presidential Car at a Quezon City Museum

Whenever he is at home, Mel doesn’t stop traveling. He does this by reading a variety of books which range from European and American novels to books on theology, philosophy, and history. He also loves reading the latest news on different fields like quantum computing, data science, geopolitics, finance, and Philippine politics. One of the many books that inspired him greatly during the pandemic is “Work Matters” by Tom Nelson. The book gives a down-to-earth Christian perspective on why even the seemingly meaningless work people do actually leave a lasting legacy both in the world and in the afterlife.

If you share Mel’s passion in opening up data education opportunities for as many people as possible, why not join our team? We have the following job openings for people talented in tech, content production, and other fields.

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