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This blog post aims to do two things. First, we want to give you a heads up on what to expect in the entrance assessment, and to prepare you mentally. Second, we want to give you words of encouragement from alumni.

May you be inspired by all the people who came before you. We hope that what you’ll read here makes you even more excited to join the Data Science Fellowship.

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“As we have seen this pandemic, being digitally literate was the game changer to be able to work from home. The future of work will not only require people to be digitally literate but to be data literate as well.”
—Julia Las, Data Science Program Lead (Former)

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Key points in this Admissions Team blog post:

  • Preparing for the Data Science Fellowship Assessment (Review materials)
  • Preparing for the Data Science Fellowship Assessment (Exam coverage)
  • Preparing for the Data Science Fellowship (Prior knowledge and skills)
  • Getting encouragement from Fellowship alumni
  • Hearing advice from Fellowship alumni
  • Getting inspiration from the data projects of Fellowship alumni

The Fellowship

Preparing for the Data Science Fellowship Assessment

Once you’ve signed up on the Data Science Fellowship page, you’re created an online application and signaled to the Eskwelabs Admissions team that you’re interested in the program.

There is a free prep course that comes with your online application. Inside this free prep course are review materials you can access.
  • You can go through the free prep course content (grouped into modules).
  • You can view old recordings of past Learning Circles (live sessions via Zoom that bring some self-paced content from the prep course to life via actual discussion and code-along practice).
  • You can join upcoming Review Sessions! (As of May 2022, Review Sessions are different from Learning Circles.)

The next step for you to complete would be the Data Science Fellowship assessment.

The multiple choice exam is timed, and it covers basic Python and Statistics. Completing this part is required.

Preparing for the Data Science Fellowship

We are on the lookout for learners who have the following qualifications:

  • Basic Python Knowledge: Before joining, you will need to be familiar with basic Python programming. This is the basis of the entrance assessment.
  • English: You need to be proficient in spoken and written English (B2 level, at a minimum).
  • Collaboration skills: You will spend a lot of time working with peers to mimic the work environment. We are looking for those who are ready to work in teams.
  • Growth mindset and grit: You will receive mentorship and feedback. So we are looking for those who have professionalism and the mindset to grow, as well as the grit to grind through the challenges of learning new skills.

The Fellowship Alumni

Getting encouragement from Fellowship alumni

If we use the term “cohort” to refer to batches of students, then we use “Fellows” as the technical term for our Fellowship students. Here are some quotes from our data science alumni:
"I really appreciate the mentorship and for taking the time to teach us the ropes of data science. I really learned a lot from everyone, Fellows included!!!"
—Cohort 6 Fellow, Data Science Fellowship

Hearing advice from Fellowship alumni

All the tips listed below came verbatim from our Fellows themselves. Let’s learn from collective wisdom!

  1. "Don't be afraid to look stupid by asking a lot of questions. Everyone is nice."
  2. "Practice coding outside of class, too. Understanding something in theory is really different from implementing it yourself."
  3. "You can learn just as much from your classmates as you can from the mentors/instructors."
  4. "Always try to push your [data] sprint projects in the direction of something you're passionate about so that it's more fun and easier to stay motivated."
  5. "Be very organised. It is very fast-paced so getting your tasks and deadlines laid out is a great help."
  6. "Utilise Eskwelabs' great support system. Eskwelabs really cares about you. Your teams for the [data] sprints, the mentors, the instructors, and the Eskweteam will always have your back so don't be afraid to chat with them about anything!"

Getting inspiration from the data projects of Fellowship alumni

The way we learn in Eskwelabs programs is via project-based learning. That means we ask our students to go through 2-week data sprints where they come out at the end having completed full data sprint projects. They can add these projects to their portfolio. The culminating project of the Fellowship; however, is the capstone project—and sometimes these capstone projects can get featured in Philippine media.

One group created a chatbot that answered simple queries and solved Math equations. Meet “Muttbot” when you read this feature in The Philippine Star.

We also had a group design a Q&A bot called, “TalkingVac,” that answers COVID-19 vaccination queries. Here’s that group’s feature on Rappler.

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Want to grow and learn with a data-driven community? Sign up for the Data Science Fellowship today.



Updated for Data Science Fellowship Cohort 10 | Classes for Cohort 10 start on September 12, 2022.

  • If you’re ready to dive in
    • Enroll in the Data Science Fellowship via the sign up link here and take the assessment exam.
      • Note: The assessment exam is a key part of your application. The deadline for the assessment is on August 21, 2022.
    • Join a Data Science Assessment Review Session before taking the exam.
  • If you want to know more