One of the final questions that people have to face and overcome before embarking on their Data Science careers is this:

“How many hours does it take to learn this?”

But before you begin counting the hours and planning the amount of time you’ll be investing in this endeavor, it’s important that you check-in with yourself first. Things that are worthwhile truly take time. It surely won’t take forever, but having the right attitude and being honest with yourself and your expectations can make a huge difference.

Process of Reflection

Take a look at these four free worksheets we have made specifically to help you map out your Data Science Career. Within each worksheet are questions that you can answer quietly on your own, with an accountability partner, a mentor, or friend. We highly recommend that you print the next few pages out as well so you can answer them and assign these papers a place where you can always see them.

Work sheets

Free Download for Personal Application

The number of hours you invest in this endeavor is totally up to you! What matters is you go into it with a committed heart. Data can change the world—and as history tells us, it already has time and time again—for the better and you may be just what we need to help society experience the progress it deserves.