Before the current COVID-19 pandemic, when life was “the good old normal,” joining an exclusive club was one of life’s greatest joys. Whether you’re talking about membership at your local gym, or joining a group of photography enthusiasts, you are more or less bound to enjoy some special benefits that non-members can only dream about.

Eskwelabs, despite these uncertain times, is still going strong thanks to the support of our partners and learners. However, despite our early track record since founding in 2019, we know very well talent development is a community task and building our networks will also benefit our learners.

That is why Eskwelabs has become a member of the Analytics Association of the Philippines (AAP). This makes us one of the few organizations in the country who have access to the latest trends and developments in both the local and foreign data analytics ecosystems.

We did not waste time enjoying the benefits that the association could offer --- after all, these perks from the association are all for our learners, partner organizations, and other members of our community. Almost as soon as we joined the AAP, we participated in its summit late last month (July 27-30).

The “2021 Analytics Summit PH” has the theme: “From Strategy to Execution.” This week-long event featured insights about the present condition and potential of data analytics in the country. The summit also gave Eskwelabs the chance to share our insights from our bootcamp programs.

Are you ready to learn more about how data analytics is doing in the Philippines and how this development helps you and Eskwelabs? We summarized what we learned so you can go right into the summit’s highlights.

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The first day focused on two main concepts: the “Philippine data analytics ecosystem” and the National AI Roadmap.

In a way, these two topics are closely related to our data upskilling programs and how these learning tracks can help you get ahead in the future of work.

Data Analytics Ecosystem

The data analytics ecosystem is made up of the government, academe and world of commerce and industry. Through the AAP, members of these different sectors work together to ensure that data analytics in the Philippines is at the same level of quality as international standards.

Knowing more about the data analytics ecosystem helps keep Eskwelabs updated regarding laws, academic standards and skill requirements in the industry.

You can rest assured, therefore, that you will be equipped with workplace-relevant capabilities if you graduate from our Data Science Fellowship or Data Analytics Bootcamp. Learning with us gives you access to positions related to data science and data analytics, two of the hottest jobs of the future.

National AI Roadmap

Artificial intelligence (AI), which conjures up images of robots or computers that think like humans, has been the subject of many science fiction works in the past. Now, however, it is slowly becoming part of our daily life. In developed countries, AI is widely being used by organizations like businesses and governments to improve the way they serve their customers and constituents respectively.

However, believe it or not, even the Philippines is starting to catch up with the AI trend.

The discussion of Trade and Industry Undersecretary Rafaelita Aldaba during the first day of the summit is related to AI. In her talk, she explains what the Philippine government plans to do in order to make AI beneficial to the country as a whole. Among the strategies the government has in mind include plans for budget and resource allocations to spread the blessings of AI to both the public and private sector.

Eskwelabs welcomes this relevant development, given that artificial intelligence is a part of one of our programs. Our Data Science Fellowship (DSF), an online-based course for those aspiring to become data scientists, involves job-relevant training on machine learning. This field is closely-related to AI. Through the DSF, our graduates learn something about one of the crucial fields that is beginning to dominate both our society and our labor market.

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Have you ever thought of what steps to take regarding your career? Are you more inclined to finish college or do you plan to pause your tertiary studies for income generation?

The second day of AAP’s summit may help you find the best answers to the questions above.

The focus for this particular day of the summit is mainly on skills development for the country’s data analytics ecosystem. The AAP Maturity Model and the concept of New Collar Jobs dominate the discussions during this day.

What is the AAP Maturity Model?

You probably heard of job designations like data scientist or data analyst. But have you ever paused to consider the difference between the two? Do you want to know which of the two fields is more aligned with your skills or interests?

If you’re unsure about the difference between these two fields, then the AAP Maturity Model is just what the doctor ordered.

This model basically outlines in precise terms the skill needs of each data-centered role. This framework differentiates, for example, the level of programming skills that a data scientist has to possess compared to an analytics-related role. For example, in the model, data scientists are expected to know more about programming (algorithms in particular) than data analysts. Data scientists, however, are not expected to know as much about data visualizations as functional analysts.

If you want to learn more, you can take a look at the complete explanation of the Maturity Model here.

New Collar Jobs: No Bachelor’s Degree Required

Studying in college can be quite expensive. If your current situation prevents you from finishing a full-fledged four-year college program, don’t fret.

The AAP’s panelists highlighted last July 28 that there are analytics-related positions that do not require a bachelor’s degree. These so-called New Collar Jobs are actually up for grabs for those whose college studies were or have to be cut short, for one reason or another.

Our data upskilling programs at Eskwelabs last only around 3 months at most. Our Data Science Fellowship and Data Analytics Bootcamp graduates are also assured job interviews with our partner companies.

Therefore, studying with us is a good opportunity to earn money sooner for yourself, your family, or completion of further studies in the future. If financial need prevents you from pursuing your studies with us, our partners Bukas and InvestEd are available to help make your education more accessible.

If you want, you can check out our “Recommended Reading” section at the bottom of the blog post for links on our Job Interview Guarantee and our partnership with Bukas and InvestEd.

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The last two days of the AAP summit were devoted to the current state of data analytics in Philippine industries and the available analytics-related courses in the country’s major learning institutions.

The ideals and mission of Eskwelabs were given a venue during the last day of the summit thanks to our CEO, Ms. Angela Chen. After she got invited to speak at this event, she contributed unique insights during the final day of the summit. Angela mentioned to AAP and its members that she wanted data upskilling learners to have “a place between free online courses and a bachelor’s degree.”

Her words reflect what Eskwelabs is basically all about.

Our online data science and data analytics programs are shorter than an average college degree, while improving our graduates’ hireability. This competitiveness in the job market is made possible partly due to our corporate partners. These top-class and data-driven businesses provide our alumni a chance to be interviewed for possible job placements (subject to available job openings).

In a nutshell

The AAP-organized 2021 Analytics Summit PH showed a promising data analytics landscape for the country. The developments mentioned were enlightening and inspiring. We shared with you all the information and insights we gathered in the summit to help you decide on whether or not data analytics is a good career choice for you. If you decide to explore the fascinating world of data and open yourself to bright career prospects, always remember that we are here to help you out.


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