People are social animals. This idea came from Aristotle, one of the world’s first scientists. The school he established in ancient Greece more than 2,000 years ago was open to the general public and did not charge tuition fees. In other words, Aristotle was a big advocate of openness in learning.

Eskwelabs is an edtech startup with the mission of democratizing access to data skills. So one of our goals is to make as much of education accessible as possible.

In fact, we have many free online events that turn social gatherings into something enriching and potentially rewarding. We give a whole new meaning to social networks, using them as a means for your progress in life and the advancement of the common good through the power of data.

Aiming to rise in your career by upskilling for the trending fields of data science or data analytics? Need to upgrade your team’s data skills for better organizational or company performance? If yes is your answer to any of these questions, then read on to learn about how our Zoom-based events can help you out.

The table below outlines our free online and live events, which we hold on a regular basis:

Eskwelabs Online Event Recommended Audience
Open House > Any individual who wants to know more about our data bootcamps
> Companies who need a source of data science and data analytics talent
> Company or organizational leaders who are looking for a data upskilling school to train their employees or members
Review Sessions > Bootcamp applicants who need assistance in passing their entrance assessment
Learning Circles > Data Science Fellowship applicants who want to complement their Aral-Aral prep course for a better chance at passing the entrance assessment
Demo Day > Any individual, company, or organizational leader who wants to learn more about the socially-relevant data projects from our bootcamp graduates and what data can do for society

Open House

Like Aristotle welcomed all Athenians to his school, we also welcome anyone interested in data education to come to our Open House.

In this online event, our bootcamp applicants can learn more about how our 12-week Data Science Fellowship and 8-week Data Analytics Bootcamp can add value to their career, company, or organization. Here, our applicants can also freely ask any question which is related to both of our data bootcamps. Questions like those involving financing are also welcome in our Open House. Aside from that, our Education Team is available to explain the concepts which are part of the curriculum of our Fellowship and Bootcamp.

Data projects of our latest alumni are also showcased in our Open House. These socially-impactful projects complement our graduates’ sharings of how their lives have changed for the better through the power of data. These inspiring stories make our Open House an eye-opener for those who are just exploring the world of data science and data analytics.

Open your mind to great possibilities by attending our upcoming Open House for Cohort 5 of our Data Analytics Bootcamp on November 23, 2021. You may click here to register for free!

For date updates regarding our Open House for the Data Science Fellowship, you may regularly check this blog post or visit our Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

Review Sessions

Have you heard of a school that helps its entrance exam takers pass the test?

For us at Eskwelabs, this is all part of our routine in online events called Review Sessions. Here, we discuss the topics that will come up in our assessments for both the Data Science Fellowship and Data Analytics Bootcamp. We even have sample questions (with corresponding answers!) that will help our potential students “practice” for the entrance assessment. A Q & A portion is also available where event participants can ask our subject experts any question regarding our assessments.

The best part about this session is it’s free!

We have two upcoming review sessions for the next cohort of our Data Analytics Bootcamp. The first session is on December 14, 2021 while the second session is on January 12, 2022.

Learning Circles

Aral-Aral, our free “data science for beginners” course, is also a very important preparatory tool for the entrance assessment of our Data Science Fellowship (DSF). But on top of that course, we also offer live and online tutorial sessions called Learning Circles.

Much like in a review session, a learning circle also features an overview of the entrance assessment. The only difference is that Learning Circle participants are all applying for our DSF (and not the Data Analytics Bootcamp) and have delved into our Aral-Aral prep course.

The practical use of Python for data science is another feature that makes this online event different from a review session. Since we have the Python programming language as part of our DSF curriculum, a learning circle has code-alongs where event participants write Python code under the guidance of an expert. As in the review sessions, there are also portions where the participants can freely ask questions in case they need clarification.

Going around in circles figuring out programming will be less of a problem if our DSF applicants attend one of our Learning Circles.

As an added bonus, our Learning Circles sometimes feature Eskwelabs alumni who share their challenges and triumphs as one of our Data Science Fellows. Their sharings may also include insights about their careers and how they solve business or social problems through the power of data.Through our Learning Circles, an up close and personal overview of a data science career can help our learning circle participants make the right decision.

Find out more about how our Learning Circles go by watching the video below:

You may regularly check this blog post or visit our Facebook and LinkedIn accounts for updates on the upcoming dates and other information about our Learning Circles.

Demo Day

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Any pudding seller can say that his or her food is delicious. However, it is the taste test that actually counts. The centuries-old proverb mentioned is as true for food as it is for non-culinary things like data projects. How do we know for sure that the data projects of our graduates actually leave a positive impact on the world of business or our society in general? This question is what our Demo Day aims to answer.

Demo Day is our “tasting” session where the newly-minted graduates of our Data Science Fellowship and Data Analytics Bootcamp showcase their capstone projects. Since these projects were done under the guidance of an industry mentor, there is default assurance that the projects have great potential for business or social action applications.

But there’s more to our Demo Day than meets the eye.

During this free online event, we also enlist the expertise of industry leaders both within and outside Eskwelabs to react on the projects that our alumni created. Social advocates and corporate heavyweights are among the types of people we connect with to provide our graduates feedback during a Demo Day session. The Q & A session between our reactors and our fresh graduates is a valuable source of insight (or even inspiration) not only for the real-world significance of the data projects concerned, but for the power of data as a whole to develop business and society.

To see for yourself the kind of atmosphere our Demo Days have, you may watch the following videos:

  1. The Future of Government & Policy

  2. The Future of COVID-19 Solutions

  3. The Future of Climate Change Solutions

You may regularly check this blog post or visit our Facebook and LinkedIn accounts for updates on the upcoming dates and other information about our Demo Days.

Welcome to Our Social Circle

Aristotle welcomed Greeks from all walks of life to his school. As he shook the scientific world back then, we at Eskwelabs are also shaking up the world of data education in the Philippines. We cordially invite you to be part of this exciting journey, regardless of your academic, economic, or professional background.

We compiled a list of upcoming events to help you learn about what we offer in the field of data science and data analytics. Make sure to mark the following dates on your calendar to enjoy some community spirit while opening your eyes to data as the great asset of the future:

For Cohort 9 of the Data Science Fellowship

Eskwelabs Online Event Date Link to Register
Open House
To Be Announced
Aral-Aral for Data Science Learning Circle 1
(Data Science Fellowship Cohort 9)
Aral-Aral for Data Science Learning Circle 2
(Data Science Fellowship Cohort 9)
Demo Day TBA TBA

For Cohort 5 of the Data Analytics Bootcamp

Eskwelabs Online Event Date Link to Register
Open House
November 23, 2021
Review Session 1
December 14, 2021
Review Session 2
January 12, 2022
Demo Day TBA TBA

See You Later

We hope that through our informative and online social events, we will get to see and meet you (virtually for the time being) so we can work with you to make your future bright through the power of data education.


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