Entrance assessments or exams can be nerve-wracking.

However, we at Eskwelabs try to make it easier for all those applying for our 8-week Data Analytics Bootcamp. That is why we provide them a preview of what to expect in our assessments during our free and online-based Review Sessions.

In case you are interested in upgrading your data skills with us but don’t have time to attend our Review Sessions, you’re still in luck. We have compiled for you a list of the various subjects or concepts you need to study to pass our assessment with flying colors.

Without further ado, here is the coverage of our entrance assessment for the Data Analytics Bootcamp.

Excel Knowledge

Microsoft Excel has been the spreadsheet of choice for many businesspeople for decades now. Having adequate knowledge of this software is a good foundation to advance into the field of data analytics. Therefore, we test our applicants to check if they know the basic formulas and have the skill to navigate and manipulate datasets of this software. These competencies are necessary in order to be adept at using Power BI, a visualization software that our Bootcamp learners use to create data projects.


Britannica defines statistics broadly as the collection and interpretation of numerical data. Therefore, adequate knowledge of this branch of mathematics is necessary for any prospective data analyst. Our entrance assessment evaluates not only our applicants’ skills in using statistical formulas, but their ability to apply statistics in understanding trends and data stories. This skill is fundamental to crafting insights out of an otherwise unclear dataset.

Critical Thinking

According to UNESCO, the United Nations’ educational and scientific arm, critical thinking is one of the most necessary skills in the 21st century. Thinking logically is necessary not only for the modern world, but also in the field of data analytics. That is why our entrance assessment aims to determine whether or not our applicants can explore questions and activities effectively and efficiently.

Quantitative Reasoning

Data analytics is a numbers game. Though this field is not as math-intensive as physics, chemistry, or engineering, our applicants are still expected to have adequate skills in basic algebra and arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). Having these competencies can help our applicants pass our assessment and at the same time enable them to derive business insights from a dataset during our Bootcamp.

Business Insights

The numbers in a dataset only tell half the story. What prospective data analysts need to develop is the ability to turn numerical figures into conclusions or suggestions that can help businesses and other types of organizations grow and develop. This important skill is as valuable in our entrance assessment as it is important in the workplace. That is why our entrance exam tests our applicants’ ability to derive business insights.


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