What you will learn

Arrianne Marañon

Aral-Aral+ learner

“I'm glad to have tried out Aral-Aral+. The curriculum is well laid-out and as a complete beginner, I feel like I'm being assisted by a mentor even though I'm learning on my own. The concise and friendly tone of the videos and course descriptions made a more intimate arrangement, making learning fun.”

Get Inspired

Why learner Python? Get inspired by this this Data Science Fellowship project where David, Khel, Sarah & RR use Python to scrape data from Twitter to predict which use is a troll bot.

What can Python build?

Python is now the programming language of choice for data science. Learn more about Eskwelabs Fellows “SantaAll” Project where Dan, Emer, Ran, and Rob built a gift recommender using Python that can suggest gifts based on use generated wish lists on Shopee.

Reason to Learn Python

Wondering if it's required to learn Python to go into the data science field? The answer is it depends! Learn more about the distinction between Data Scientists and Data Analyst.

How will I learn?

Access code-along 70+ videos within 14 Juypter Notebooks that cover the fundamentals of Python, Math, and Statistics applications for data science. No need to install Jupyter or Anaconda on your laptops or desktop computers, meaning we do the heavy-lifting behind the scenes and run JupyterLab on our own website. Read related materials, practice coding, and watch instructional videos all in one place.